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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Now that I am 29, I feel that I have to create long-term plans. But along with all these plans is to still go back to school, to continue learning and relearning because I've tested that repetition is still key. Anyway, I was able to attend my first ever John Robert Powers (JRP) class a few weeks ago. I've known about JRP even way back when I was still in high school, from peers who took the personality development or language classes every summer. I was excited to FINALLY step in the halls of this international school.

Dress code and time ethics are the first steps. 

My OOTD, hehe! I just came from Pope adventures that morning, so I thought of just wearing an easy outfit to school kesa ma-late! Buti hindi ako nag rubber shoes!

John Robert Powers' famous graduates include classy icons Jackie O and Grace Kelly, local showbiz personalities Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo, and international celebrities Brenda Song and Jessica Sanchez.

JRP, other than personality development and communications, also offers courses on modelling and acting. They aim to develop individuals of any age (kids, pre-teens, teens, young adults, adults, executives, aspiring business people, homemakers, etc) to reach their full potentials. Anybody who is willing to learn is welcome here!

That day, I took Image Makeover for my first class, which is all about makeup and hair.

The classroom was already busy when I arrived in their Makati school (late ako by a few minutes, nakakahiya!). They have 6 students all in all, plus me and my fellow blogger Arnie, while there were 2 instructors guiding the group.

The class started with answering a Skin Analysis Chart and Key. What I like most about this is that with a small and intimate group, everyone's individual concerns were easily heard. The "exam" was followed by a lecture on skin, including hygiene for both men and women and skincare (cleanse, tone, moisturize). 

Then, off to the practical / application part! The room was divided into boys group (heard them talking about grooming and personal hygiene), and the girls group with Sir Geno handling the makeup lesson.

The classroom for Image Makeover is really nice, like a mini salon with mirrors all over. There's also a salon shampooing-chair and cabinets filled with brushes, makeup, and other beauty essentials. Students were also asked to bring their own makeup kit, but I only have my comb, pang kilay, and lip and cheek tint with me! Haha! Ang dami ko pang pwedeng matutunan. 

Sir Geno emphasized his advocacy in beauty, saying that he is all for the "natural" look. I was watching him the whole time, and saw that all he did was contour and highlight, clean and fill in the brows, enlarged the eyes with proper eyeliner application, and then finished up with a swipe of natural lip color. No unnecessary eyeshadows, blush, etc., and only focus on natural beauty. Also, the instructor applied the makeup on just half of the face so the student can try to copy it.

Meanwhile! :D Waiting for our turn, haha.

They gave the students personal (one-on-one) advice by analyzing how we apply our makeup na before going to class. From the right shade, right shape, and right application, the 2-hour class is sulit especially when you ask a lot of questions! :) Haha!

I like the eyeliner application part, have to practice this!

Before we knew it, the 1-3pm class was already over! It was a fun class, and everyone's accommodating. Unlike my pre-conceived connotation of JRP, the mentors were really nice and not at all intimidating. They are also direct to the point in correcting the students, but in a constructive manner so that you will learn. :) Nervous, but still excited for my next class!

Visit for more info and updates. I also saw FREE CLASSES giveaways via @JRP_Philippines on Instagram, so do follow them!

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