JAPANagon OOTD + My Budget!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Surprise! I did took out my SLR during my Japan trip after all, haha! I was able to capture a few "quality" OOTD with a camera (and not just my iPhone) during our first day of tour. It was during our first sighting of Cherry Blossom Trees at the Osaka Castle Park vicinity, so I immediately stood next to it and handed Ate my cam sapilitan. Haha. I can't blame her, though. Sa totoo lang, bilib na ako sa mga nakaka OOTD pa during their travels. I often just let my mind wander for a change, and see the world without a camera lens in between my eyes and the view. But seeing these better photos makes me regret just using my iPhone for the whole trip, oh well. Hindi na masama. I am a blogger anyway, not a photographer (dami sinabi! Hahaha!).

Coat - Bought this in a store in Glo, check ko when I visit!
Pants - Zara
Sneakers - Converse
Bag - Shana

Anyway, may pa-tips uli si Mayor! Hahaha, thank you for all the good feedbacks on my Favorite Finds in Japan post. This time, I'll be answering another commonly asked question na very crucial din for this trip: The Budget! This is just based on my experience, and not necessarily the best. I am sure may mas ititipid pa ito, or if you're planning a more luxury vacation, ang saya ang laki ng budget! Hehe! Anyway...


I had a few but heavy gastos pre-Japan, and that includes the airfare. Our airfare had a series of pa-rebook just because my Ate wanted to catch the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom, but still be able to make it home in time for our Holy Week family recollection. In fairness naman, looking back Ate did a great job with all the booking and re-bookings. Napa-mahal man, super sulit talaga coz we were able to see the unpredictable sakura, and hop from Osaka area to Tokyo! Usually in a Japan trip either Osaka lang or Tokyo area lang, but we thought of waving our flight home, and extend our trip to Tokyo and fly to Manila na from there.

Airfare - Booked via Cebu Pacific
Manila to Osaka (Kansai International Airport) - P11,756
Tokyo to Manila - P5, 304 <<< Super lucky lang na on-sale!
TOTAL = P17,060

Osaka Accommodation - Airbnb Home
We stayed in an Airbnb home for 6 nights, which we already paid for via Credit Card before the trip. Ate's estimate is that it costed us P5k for the room per night. It includes 2 beds, a corner with stove, ref, and sink, and a restroom with body wash and shampoo. Place is owned by a girl, so the place is neat and clean. She left lots of tissue supplies, towels, hair dryer, and even clear umbrellas in the closet (which we found useful during our rainy USJ tour). The room has air conditioner / heater, and owner provided us a pocket wifi that we brought with us while we explored the city.

P5k x 6 nights = 30,000 / 2 persons
TOTAL = P15,000 / 6 nights in Osaka
Here's the link to this Airbnb room

Japan Visa = P1200

I cannot specify the nitty-gritty details on how I spent my baon, but all in all I brought with me around Php 50, 000 or Yen 133,000 - na naubos ko, sa-id, for the 12-day trip. Aside from Yen, I also brought a few Pesos for my airport expenses, and Cebu Pacific food (hehe).

Travel Tax - Php 1620
Airport Terminal Fee - Php 750
Cebu Pacific Food - P350 (for my noodles, drink, and cookies)
TOTAL = P2,720

For the rough breakdown of the Y133,000 (or Php 50k), this covered:

1) Entrance Fees for some parks and temples, Spa World, Osaka Aquarium, Universal Studios Japan (Harry Potter World)

2) All our trains and bus fares, and bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo (around Y14,000, or P5k).

3) Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks--at least one fancy meal a day)

4) Pocket Money - for pasalubongs, personal shopping, unnecessary shopping (hehe), and I was even able to buy a few panindas for @shopanagon

5) Hostel in Kyoto - P3k each for 2 nights (we paid this in cash, although may card option)

I enjoyed our stay here so so much! The Guesthouse Cross Hostel is accessible to the bus station, very well-maintained for a hostel, and the common CR is clean and complete. The dorm beds are big and comfortable, with sockets and lamp for each bed. Each tenant will also get 1 locker for your personal things, but I just left some of my things inside my padlocked luggage. Owners and receptionist are also very kind and helpful. You can check out Guesthouse Cross in this site.

Ate cleaning her locker space. Meanwhile, you'll know that a bed is already occupied with the curtains:

I love the common room, where we had breakfasts, hangout for the free coffee, etc.

Super swerte lang that our place in Tokyo is free because Ate's very accommodating friend works there and allowed us to crash in her condo for 2 nights. Menos gastos! So all in all, here are our expenses:

 Airfare: P17,060
Japan Visa: P1,200
Travel Tax / Fees: P2,720
Osaka Airbnb: P15,000
Travel Expenses / Baon: P50,000

TOTAL = P85, 980 for 12 Days in Japan
(Osaka - Nara - Kobe - Kyoto - Tokyo)

I know it's not the most tipid-trip or may ititipid pa siguro to, but for me this is the most comfortable na kahit we didn't go for luxury hotels and ride cabs. Again, this is not the best, and just based lang from my experience. We also made sure to dine naman in a fancy restaurant at least one meal per day, and hindi puro convenience store. I was also able to buy a few souvenirs, but not something heavy like a designer bag (na mura daw talaga sa Japan!). Most of the heavy expenses like the airfare and Osaka accommodation we already made sure paid na before traveling para hindi na maramdaman. Anyway, I'll double check on this post for discrepancies from time to time, and I hope you got something from it! :)

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  1. My tita once told me na in order for you to enjoy a vacation, sometimes you need to spend at wag magtipid para maramdaman mo na nagbabakasyon ka nga talaga. At least once in a while daw. Fast forward to Studio Ghibli please! Haha. Joke. Or not.

    1. hahaha! hindi ko alam if good comment to or bad, but anyway... I agree! Yun sakto lang, fit sa budget pero di naman dusa. :) Haha!

      Ang tagal pa ng Ghibli hahaha! Dadaan pa tayo ng Nara, Kyoto, at Kobe... Bago Tokyo! :D

    2. Uy! Good comment ito! Ako pa ba? Haha. I also like na di predictable yung ootd mo. Ako kasi feeling ko dahil sa Sakura trees magpepreppy ako and pastel shit. Hehe.

    3. Hahahaha! Dapat temple running lang kami that day didn't think we will chance upon a few blossoms! :) <3 Ang peg ko pang tour tour lang hahaha, pero nag pastel shit din ako nun ibang araw na haha :D

  2. Gusto ko yung cozy room niyo. :) It's practical and at least I can look back on this someday if I go to Japan! :) Bet ko outfit mo!! print on print!

    1. Hehe thanks for appreciating my weirdness, beb! :) <3

  3. Ang sayaaaa! Love your outfits and super awesome na nagproprovide ka ng budget tips :)

    Super relatable! Dati kasi with family lang ako nagtrtravel so sila na bahala sa lahat but now that I start going on my solo travels, sobrang planning talaga way ahead including budgeting and bookings na pinaka mura but good quality!

    Yay for more adventures for you!

    Bianca Sing

    1. Yehey thanks for reading Bianca!!! :) Ang saya ng solo travels mo, taiwan right? :)
      To more for us!!


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