Matabungkay Beach Hotel Day 2.5

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Days are faster, I can't keep up with my backlogs as compared to before. Real time updates? Hindi na ako yun, huhuhu. Am I busier? Hindi naman ata! I guess it's because I am always away? That's why I've been posting happenings in non-chronological order, which just strikes the teeny tiny OC chord in me. Gusto ko sunod sunod! Haha. But I have no choice, so I'll go back to my Japan mems when time permits, huhu. Anyway... Here's another kwento that has been pushed aside for a few weeks (serry!)...

Cap and Slides - Adidas | Shirt - Giordano | Skirt - Kamiseta | Backpack - H&M | Photos - @paultheprguy

Day 2 in Matabungkay Beach Hotel started with good breakfast and the day's newspaper. I didn't really read through the free MB they delivered in our room's doorstep, but naalala ko lang na before I usually buy my own papers EVERY DAY. AND READ THEM, haha. I was a journalism student then, so aside from required siya, interest sya for me. Wew.

What I love most I guess about our Matabungkay Beach Hotel trip is that it felt like a staycation, hehe! We ate A LOT. Much more hours spent here than swimming, I think, haha! There are so much food options aside from the usual Pinoy kanin-ulam dishes in the hotel's restaurant. We also had pizza, salad, fries, and cheese sticks...

Summer = Fruit Shake.

We also transferred to the Beachside Villa for our second (and last) night, so we can experience the "best of both worlds" in Matabungkay Beach Hotel. Thank you! I like it more here, since pag gising mo palang, ayan na ang beach. "Wake up to the sounds of the ocean" ang drama, hehe!

Inside the 2-floor villa...

The Beachside Villa's minimum occupancy is for 6 persons, at P10,000/villa/night. This is inclusive of breakfast already. In the villa are 2 rooms with a queen-size bed, one bedroom in each floor, and just 1 restroom for the whole villa. Extra bed is at P800/head, inclusive of breakfast.

Room #1:

The restroom:

Off to check the second floor! Hi Paul and Sarah!

The Room #2. Ang ganda ng lighting dito, hehe.

Flatlay and I woke up like this posts na to! Char.

The view from the second floor window:

With no agendas, the next day and a half were spent just lounging, taking photos, and eating.

OOTD pa more, haha!

Videoke ba yan!!!?? :D

Pool-side shower area:

The new pool "Matabungkay H20". Love the in-pool lounges.

Matabungkay classic balsa with Sarah and Paul. :)

It's always the company that makes a trip memorable. I am so used to traveling alone (or with no close friends), but iba din pala talaga when you're with people who always makes you laugh. Hehe, drama. :)

Ginusto mo yan! Haha, wet clothes because tamad mag swimsuit!

Before we know it, sun has set, and we were still hanging out by the beach.

Thanks Papi Rodel for this Team Yup photo... With one of the TOP 10 BEST sunsets in the country as our backdrop! 

Night swimming in the new pool:

Dramatic dinner and bonfire, thank you to the hosts for this fancy set-up.

Room bonding + few drinks with Trice, Seph, Paul, and Sarah before calling it a night. 

More group photos before check-out, huhu.

Cute! Trice and Seph:

Balsa hangout with Trice, Seph, Michael, Justin, Papi Rodel, and Ruth. Love you guys! :)

And of course, my Trio ended the trip by walking along the breakwater, taking more pictures, and just enjoying the view. 

Hay life. :)

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Special thanks to Jeoff Solas for arranging this trip for us!

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