Boracay OOTDs

Sunday, May 03, 2015

April 29 - May 2, Boracay

SM Accessories Sunglasses | Cesa Mona Fringe Maillot

CESA Bergen Zip-Up Neoprene Maillot in Black | Petrol Cap | Zara Denim Shorts

Veloci Water-Resistant Watch | Nailaholics White Gel Polish

Cesa Maja Bustier in Rosa Print | F&F Denim Shorts with Pineapple Printed Pockets 

Nike Slip-Ons from Zalora

Hello World!

So I just came home (with a sepanx) from my first Boracay Labor Day weekend. But instead of drinking, partying, and staying up till sunrise (like how others think of this infamous "season"), Pax and I went on a "Journey to Freedom" with Petrol. The list of activities included island hopping, snorkelling, parasailing, AND even cliff diving! Everyone went home with battle scars, but nonetheless it was a happy kind of tired.

Here's a collection of my "Laboracay" OOTDs, sporting 3 different one-piece CESA swim wear. What I love most about this brand is that they are very size friendly (ranges from XS to L), and they release a lot of unique one-piece designs for semi-conservatives like me. Haha! Cesa's Mona Fringe Maillot might just have been my most favorite because I thought I'll never wear cut-outs, so the look is experimental and risky na for me. I realized that the "Journey to Freedom" last weekend goes beyond the itinerary, but even in my clothing noh? Nyaha! Excited to share this trip's photos next! :)



  1. Your one-piece swimwear are beautiful! So lame of me to think that CESA only has two-piece swimwear! I should check them out for one-piece na! :)

  2. Hi:) Just wanna ask... For the flora print, what size did you get?


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