On Taking Breaks and 'With A Smile'

Monday, May 11, 2015

Take me back to 2002, in my senior year in high school. I remember that amidst juggling college applications, club responsibilities, and acads, I had a social life that consists of me and my best friend and our gitara. Every dismissal and feeling like hippies, we bring our instruments to our barkada tambayan where she’ll teach me how to play our favorite songs. 

High school "Barx" and my best friend.

Take me back to college, where With A Smile by Eraserheads will always bring chill vibes. With all the foolish dramas and teenage angst, my friends and I will play and sing this Eheads hit, with our junk food and coffee, every dismissal. Or maybe at the KTV in Taft? I knew then that the day wasn't so bad after all.

College blockmates and friends in UST.

Take me back to early working years, when the stress of keeping up with expectations and earning was high. It was also during that time when I discovered my love for traveling and concerts - the two things that I've proven worth investing on. Of course, I went to the two Eheads reunion concerts, and finally heard Ely Buendia sing With A Smile live.

One of my favorite travels so far: New York City.

Eraserheads Reunion Concert with my long-time online friend Krissy!

Now at 29, I knew that life isn't just about work, stress, and deadlines. I appreciate my breaks more because of the daily grind, so I make sure to keep ALL my vacations short, sweet, but worthwhile. The Eraserheads song popped again in this phase of my life, this time as an artsy TVC for Nescafe

Not the usual commercial, the refreshing video is made of fantastic artwork animations with a lovely setting and mood that makes me want to chill right now. I think it's the first of its kind in Philippine Advertising. You can watch the said TVC here. I want to know if you liked it too!

The beautiful execution reminds me to pause, slow-down, and enjoy the moment, plus the song they used for the new Nescafe commercial is, of course, a re-written and re-arranged With A Smile by artist Moira dela Torre. It took me back again to different phases in my life.

Aside from traveling and concerts where I needed to save up to experience, my simple indulgence includes coffee breaks and sound trips at home. After this, I might as well turn off my laptop, put my phone on silent mode, so I can drink my Nescafe while listening to OPM classics. In a way, taking time off and clearing my head also makes me appreciate what I have now, and work extra efficiently after the rest. 

So how will you pause today? Share it to me @anagon #TakesYouAway.

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