Detox Drink: MySlim Yerba Mate Drink

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Looking for an effective and affordable detox drink?

To be honest, I find it iffy to write about anything "slimming". I find that this defeats my whole "road to recovery" thing from having a mindset of someone with an eating disorder 3 or so years ago. I may not have been diagnosed with this condition, but my obsession for getting stick-thin made me no different. I was overly conscious with my physical appearance.

I've undergone diets as early as high school, and resorted to pills and teas that caused me to palpitate, over-sweat, or LBM. And although I have loooong let-go of these and prefer balanced diet, regular active lifestyle (I do Bikram Yoga), and self-love (haha, but seriously!), MySlim's products caught my attention.

Why MySlim? 

1) More than a slimming drink, MySlim is a detox drink. I've tried the bottles of detox drinks before, and the results with drinking MySlim is the same! It also aids regular movement.

2) It is BFAD approved and all-natural (main ingredient is yerba mate (green mate leaf extract) which increases energy and helps in weight loss).

3) It is sugar-free, but it tastes good! With strawberry flavor, it is best served chilled. I had to stop myself from drinking more than 1 bottle, hehe.

4) Its sweetener is Palatinose , a naturally derived sucrose that controls release of glucose in the blood for stable energy. MySlim is also an energy drink that speeds up your metabolism.

5) It contains Carnipure, the highest form of L-Carnitine (found in other weight-loss products). This converts your fat to usable energy.

Product Description:

MySlim gives you twice the fat burning power with Yerba Mate (Finomate) and hi-grade L-Carnitine (Carnipure) in a refreshing sugar-free drink made with Palatinose. Spend your day burning fat, balancing your sugar levels, and bringing up your energy without extra effort. All it takes is a dose of MySlim!


Isomalt (Palatinose), sorbitol, purified water, Mate leaf powder extract, (Ilex Paraguariansis, L-Carnitine, Ascorbic Acid, Caramel color, Sodium benzoate, and acidulant (citric acid). 

MySlim is best taken at the comforts of your home, once or twice a week the most. This is because you'll experience "LBM" almost right after drinking a bottle, but other than that, there are no serious side effects like palpitations or breakouts. I also didn't feel weak after the several "toilet visits".

I can recommend this drink if you want to detox, like for example after a "cheat week" (haha) or after a travel food trip, but I can't attest if it made me slimmer (I've tried 3 bottles palang). It's not my sole purpose, anyway, I will still recommend pairing detox with exercise and eating the right kinds of food that is good for you. :)

A bottle costs Php 89 only, worth the try! Aside from bottled drinks, MySlim is also available in sachet (Php 276 / box of 4 sachets) that is best for traveling or people on-the-go. They also have capsules variant (Php 540 / 30 capsules).

MySlim is Available in:

7Eleven, Mercury Drug, Watsons, Robinsons Supermarket, SouthStar Drugstores, Landmark Supermarket, Rose Pharmacy, and other drugstores nationwide. 

Learn more about MySlim by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@MySlimDetox), or by visiting #WalangImposible


  1. Wow thanks for sharing this! I shall look for this in the said stores!

  2. Ana, pareho pala tayo ng story. Relate much ako sa lahat ng sinabi from the first sentence of this post.

    1. Thanks for reading Kath! Ang hirap talaga ng struggle kong yan before, but now alam ko na that balance is key padin talaga :)


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