Posh Nails Detox Mani+Pedi

Friday, July 31, 2015

"More than just a place where you can have your nails done expertly, I have always envisioned our Posh Nails salons to be a place where our customers can relax and feel pampered, where we can help them find comfort and ease from their stress," says pamper queen and Posh Nails owner Cat Ilacad.

I am currently at home on hibernate mode, trying to recover from the week-long stress. But aside from all the events and classes I had to attend to, I also gave myself a much-needed me-time at the Posh Nails Salon in Tomas Morato.

It also coincided with their 13th birthday.

Not just any other service, I was able to try Posh Nails' newest wellness package: the Detox Mani+Pedi. It uses Cuccio nature-based products designed to nourish and moisturize. Find out more about these products HERE.

Aside from the detox, we were also treated with detox drinks, and a Love and Light Talk from Life Coach Kimi Lu. I was also able to try Reiki for the first time!

More than anything, I had a great time being surrounded with girls who, like me, just want to find the right balance in life! It was a fun and good vibes afternoon, thank you Posh Nails for having me. :)

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