ATKINSONS: Celebrating 200 Years of Perfume Snobbery

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

When I got the invitation, it states that "it is the CHANEL of its time". A perfume loaded with history, I can't help but get curious about this brand.  

The event was held earlier (yup, sipag ko now haha!) at the Pangea, City of Dreams.

True enough, everything's fancy and luxurious. I like the brand's logo and colors - very striking and bold, just like their fragrance.

Atkinsons is a British perfume house established in 1799. Trivia number 2: they used to create fragrances for royalty and fashion-obsessed aristocrats. I like the sound of that!

Ava at the registration booth:

It was my first time in Pangea, and to my eyes everything's perfect and beautiful.

Love those old-school map ceilings, down to the table set-up:

We've got the whole world up above us, hehe. Every turn was pleasurable, was just looking around the whole time!

But of course, the highlight for me was taking a whiff of each Atkinsons perfume. 

The brand's iconic bear was there - a true "Perfume Snobbery" right in front of me.

Top hats and fascinators were available for us by the entrance. It felt like stepping into the world of Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington, the Tsar of Russia, the King of Italy, Sarah Bernhardt, and Beau Brummel the Father of Menswear -- who are all, btw, Atkinsons clientele!

Free caricature for the guests by artist Bobbi Jolbitado, which Yuki availed:
And a swift program with Ms. Cesca Litton as host (love how she personified each bottle of Atkinsons to us!).

With the team behind Atkinsons and the Art of Scent:

Atkinsons usher in classic and contemporary concoctions, set to transport one's senses to England in an era of their choosing:

The Emblematic Collection
24 Old Bond Street

In 1800, James Atkinson invented the English cologne, an uncommonly fresh scent that King George IV loved. Atkinson was immediately proclaimed as the Official Perfumer of the Royal Court of England - 24 Old Bond Street as his new headquarters! Atkinsons' 24 Old Bond Street is the smell of charisma and dapper flair, a cocktail of juniper, rose and black tea, and smoky, oak-casked whisky accord.

The Legendary Collection
Modern Vintages

Love in Idleness (1922) a neo-Victorian love potion of raspberry, violet, orris, heliotrope, tree moss, and patchouli. It is the scent of love at first sight.

The Excelsior Bouquet (1919) for the modern adventurers, is a masculine blend of flint, sage and spices.

Amber Empire (1927) is earthy, Oriental, with rich oolong tea. Very exotic and cosmopolitan.

The Oud Collection
An Emir In England 

Crown Prince Mohammed Ali Ibrahim of Egypt, a boxer, race care driver, and adventurer, went to Atkinson to compose perfumes for himself and his paramour Mabel Normand. The emir was carrying a precious ingredient: OUD, the "liquid gold" of the Orient.

The Contemporary Collection
Classic Unconventionality

The feminine Rose in Wonderland, Jasmine in Tangerine, and Lavender on the Rocks, and the sportsmanly Posh on the Green are contemporary visions of the classic iconic perfume ingredients.

But of course, perfume is best described and judged by our noses! Check out these scents at the Art of Scent stores.

Since we were in the mood for British culture, Atkinsons also served us an Afternoon Tea delight. Everything's delicious, and enjoyed best with the unlimited tea.

Atkinsons is available in luxury fragrance boutique ART OF SCENT, with flagship store at Shangri-La Plaza and shops at City of Dreams and Resorts World Manila.

My favorite Atkinsons scent comes from their men's line, which sadly I wasn't able to pick-up the name because the sprayed paper was just passed on to me! I like the lingering smell it produced, long lasting, memorable, and very much has the potential of being an everyday fragrance! It smelled like strength and power.

For more information on Atkinsons, follow Art of Scent on FACEBOOK and @artofscent_ph on Instagram. Check out #AtkinsonsPH for more event photos!

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