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Monday, October 12, 2015

It was during my 2-week sickness / hibernation when I decided that when I am well and out-and-about again, I will make the most out of the remaining months of 2015. I want to bring my real self back--my more adventurous, passionate and creative side.

And I can't do this if I am not taking care of my health. With determination, combined with the right nutrients for my body, I am game for anything my heart is passionate for! During my bed-rest, I realized how hydrating is as important as the medicines I took. 

Then I discovered B'lue Water-Based Drink.

I love the Inspiring Calamansi Flavor, refreshing, citrusy, but very light to the palette. A bottle contains Vitamins B3, B6, and B12, plus it has no preservatives, no artificial colours, and no carbonation. 

It kind of reminded me of the flavored drinks I bought in Japanese vendo machines. Tastes as delicious!

Available in 500mL PET bottle, B'lue offers three fruity flavors: Orange, Calamansi, and Lychee. 

B'lue also released a book compilation of Live To Feel Stories. Inside are experiences and inspirational words from young and passionate individuals like Marcelo Santos III. Marcelo is one of the young generation's great writers, who had produced several blockbuster books and a movie in the past years. He was also a part of one Bloggers United bazaar, and I have to say he is not only successful but also very down-to-earth as well.

Marcelo Santos' goal is to inspire others, as seen even on his social media accounts.

I think it's nice when we start young in terms of being passionate for something. I had been painting and creating things with my own hands as long as I can remember, I knew where my heart is set. It's a "work" that I can do everyday even without pay. Now at 29, whenever I pick up a paint brush, it felt right in between my fingers. Sometimes you do not have to be the best, you just have to start on something and give it your all.

I've stopped for a while, but painting will always be one of the things I'll keep on doing because:

I live to CREATE!

Art is to recreate, not necessarily of existing, popular art works, though some do that. It is, rather, to translate my emotions or memory into paper or any other art medium that I please.

I hope that the young artists will see ART as an outlet as well. I've always been open on how much I admire the potentials of the new breed, who had always proven themselves to be fresh and creative and fearless. They live to feel.

Some of my paintings while I was sick. I painted everyday, and was obsessed with the colors of fall. I felt that, in a way, my comeback after the illness is a new season.

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  1. I love the color scheme of your watercolor paintings! :)


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