A Tour of Filinvest City

Friday, December 11, 2015

When you look at Filinvest on bird's eye view, you'll see more greens than buildings. The developers made sure to incorporate commercial and business area into the existing environment without having to cut down trees or destroy the greeneries. This is what I love most about this city!

It's funny to take a tour of your hometown, but really, there are more things to see and do! Thankfully, I was invited to a Filinvest City event a week ago with fellow bloggers. PS: Hindi ako na-late! Haha!

Like being on a school bus with my blog friend Ava Te!

We passed by the business area...

Commercial area, like Festival Mall (my every-Sunday mall!)...

A unique train railroads and bump cars inside the mall:

And took a long stop in Westgate:

Although I live in the area, I seldom go to Westgate. So that afternoon, I decided to walk around. I really appreciate that we have parks and beautiful open areas in the south. As they've said, Westgate is an "anti-mall"!

And daming "OOTD" area here, haha!

They have fitness areas:

Food, mostly new ones owned and developed by fellow southerners!

And a few stores here and there, like this cool TOMS boutique:

The group had merienda in Neil's Kitchen:

Ang ganda niya inside! We stopped over every corner to take photos, haha.

As they say, it's in the details!

A bookstore inside the restaurant:

Even their restrooms are photogenic! :D

We tried their different best-sellers. My favorites include the nachos and tofu!

With my fellow south-girl Cher + Ava!

Filinvest City at night. We then headed back to our hotel to rest and prepare before the Lights Show.

There really is no place like the south, and I am proud to call it home. :)

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