Azalea Boracay: Hotel Experience

Monday, December 21, 2015

During our Boracay trip last weekend, I realized how this group preferred staying in for most part of the day.

I'd like to blame the number of times we had been in the island naman na (nagsawa na?), or the reeeally bad weather (bagyo level!), but now that I think of it, it can also be because of our comfortable and beautiful hotel. Staying in is not such a bad thing, I'll show you why in this post.

We're here! Tarps of Azalea Boracay greeted us when we stepped out of the ferry. I'm happy that Azalea is already open; we have more luxury options whenever we're in Boracay!

Heading to the hotel. The whole Azalea Boracay blog group during the 10-minute van ride:
Hello Myke, Melo, Ms. Jo, Paul, Pax, Ruth, Gian, and Rodel!

I knew we've already reached our destination when I saw Azalea's signature "globe" front signage:

It reminded me so much of my Azalea Baguio experience 2 years ago. I remembered getting almost teary-eyed when we left this place that time, super okay kasi ang experience and service nila!

So back in Azalea Boracay, the hotel is located in Station 2, a short walk to the beach front. What is compromised from the location, bawi naman with the hotel's 5-star quality (although 4-star palang yan, ha). I love Azalea hotels na, lahat maganda!

More rooms (285 guest rooms all in all)! They said to expect this side finished by March 2016... Just in time for your summer beach trips!

Cleanliness! A water spray area is situated before you enter the lobby to avoid bringing sands to your room. They also have those big hotel umbrellas in-house guests can borrow, which were super useful during that trip since it was rainy.

The huge lobby / waiting area, aka our group's meeting place:

Ang ganda ng style ng reception area nila: not too stiff but still classy. Perfect for a Boracay hotel!

Everything's new, bright, and beautiful. I love Azalea's simple and spacious interior design:

Ang cute! Myke terno with the very helpful and maasikaso Azalea staff. Thank you, manager! Hehe!

Tambayan and Instagram-worthy spots here and there:

Harutan nanaman with Pax! ;p

Before we settled in our rooms, we had our late lunch in the in-house Kuya J, a casual dining restaurant that serves Filipino cuisines at affordable price. We also had our breakfast buffet here. Aside from Kuya J, I heard that they'll also have a hotel restaurant soon.

Classy interiors, love the wooden wall display / cabinets:

What we had:

Kuya J serves plenty of unique local dessert options. I had the Fried Halo-Halo:

With full tummies, we're finally off to our rooms! 

Azalea's Katherine showed us to our Two Bedroom Apartment Suite. I was roomies with my bff Paul, but we had our own bedrooms within the room! I like that I can share a room with a friend, but still have my personal space.

Aside from the usual key card, we each received these Azalea water-resistant key bracelets na tinatap lang to unlock the door. What is high-tech!

No need for cardboard door signs if you want your privacy or have your room cleaned.

So the Two Bedroom Apartment Suite is HUGE! At 60 sqm, it can comfortably accommodate 6 adults (or 4 adults, 2 kids). Functional, practical, and convenient option for large groups of families and barkadas instead of booking for multiple hotel rooms.

Here's our dining and kitchen area, where I enjoyed hanging out while having the free fruits and coffee:

Hindi lang 2 small glasses and teaspoons ang available--we had lots of pans, cups, glasses, big plates, utensils, hot water pot, knives, chopping board, microwave, rice cooker, ref with freezer, etc! Very commendable, especially if you'll be staying longer in the island!

You can cook or reheat your food here, para tipid!

So you can keep everything clean:

We even had lunch in Kuya Melo's room one time. Ang daming space, it's easy to hold a "house party" here, hehe:

This is our living room area, which has a phone, Cable TV, and a convertible sofa bed!

Wasted my time here watching random shows while having my "social media time". They also have fast Wi-Fi so you can easily post updates or even catch up with work even when you're away! But of course, wag na bakasyon na! Hehehe.

Also welcomed Pax here for some girl bonding:

We also stayed in Ruth and Rodel's living room area during our movie night! Madaming baong movies si Papi Rodel, but we picked the funny Hotel Transylvania! 
Ang cute pala nito! We were laughing at almost every scene, haha!
Meanwhile, back in our room, here's the Guest Room which Paul occupied. It has 1 king sized bed and Cable TV, plus enough table and closet space for all your things:

Madami daming naflatlay dito si bff, hehehe:
On the other hand, I stayed in the Masters' Bedroom! The only difference is that I have my private bathroom! 

Gusto ni Paul to - Iron and board inside the roomy cabinet. They also provided plenty of sockets, a hair dryer, laundry bags, bedroom slippers, hangers, and, grabe, almost everything that you'll need!

My bathroom, complete with soap, vanity kit, shampoo, bath gel, conditioner, and lots of towels. Pwede ka na mag pack-light if you're going to stay in Azalea!

A discreet sampayan for my wet swimsuit! Bongga.

Both bedrooms have their own veranda area. I may not be a smoker, but I enjoyed going out here in the morning and appreciate the fresh air:

Cute! Saw Rodel and Ruth in their own verandas at the next building! :)

Bonding and chikahan with the Clingies in my ultra-comfortable bed. Ang sarap din ng tulog ko dito every night! We also experienced Azalea Boracay's in-room wellness spa masseuse here during our last night. You just call the front desk if you want a massage, ang sarap!

We also received daily treats with the day's weather forecast:

Room tour! Here are the details and rates of the other Azalea Boracay rooms in a nutshell:

Deluxe Hotel Room
2 Adults and 2 Kids or 3 Adults
Php 7500 (July-October) | 8500 (April-June) | 9,500 (November-March) | 11,000 (Holidays / Long Weekends)
30 sqm - 2 double sized beds - sofa bed - Cable TV - Living, Dining, and Kitchen facilities

One Bed Room Apartment Suite
2 Adults and 2 Kids or 4 Adults
Php 8500 (July-October) | 9500 (April-June) | 10,500 (November-March) | 12,000 (Holidays / Long Weekends)
45 sqm - Masters' Bedroom with 1 king sized bed - sofa bed - Cable TV - Living, Dining, and Kitchen facilities

Two Bed Room Apartment Suite (Our room, where we stayed)
4 Adults and 2 Kids or 6 Adults
Php 15,000 (July-October) | 16,000 (April-June) | 17,000 (November-March) | 18,500 (Holidays / Long Weekends)
60 sqm - Masters' Bedroom with 1 king sized bed and private bathroom - Cable TV - Guest Room with 1 king sized bed and Cable TV - Living, Dining, and Kitchen facilities - 1 common bathroom - sofa bed.

Three Bed Room Apartment Suite
6 Adults and 2 Kids or 8 Adults
Php 20,000 (July-October) | 21,000 (April-June) | 22,000 (November-March) | 23,500 (Holidays / Long Weekends)

We had our first dinner at the hotel's roof top, near their beautiful pool which changes light colors at night! Even this area is super spacious and maaliwalas.

Food trip, karaoke, and inuman! That night was probably one of my highlights for this trip because everyone loosened up, got crazy, and had a great time! 

Groupies? Haha! The girls cheered and sang (second voice pa, haha) along with our boys, na lahat ginanahan kumanta from Journey to Backstreet Boys to Michael Learns to Rock! Haha! Di din kami nag kulang sa pag take ng Snapchat and vids!

Mga ayaw pa umawat, but of course we need our rest (and let the hotel staff sleep naman!). Hehe! :)  

The next day, we also availed Azalea's swimming pool after enjoying the beach. Eto palang pala, solb na ako! Another highlight of this trip.

We stayed here for hours taking turns with our photos, paddling, and just hangout. Azalea Boracay houses an infinity pool and a wading pool for kids located beside each other so parents can easily watch on their little ones. Hotel staff are also visible and always present in the area to ensure our safety (and to hand us dry towels after our swim!). In these little details, I felt spoiled and well taken care of.

The swimming pools are overlooking the beach horizon: a beautiful sight to catch Boracay's sunset and pink clouds.
Parang hindi siya totoo sa ganda. :)

It was hard to step-out of the hotel during our last day. Super bitin! To think we extended our stay because flights were cancelled on the day we're originally supposed to go home. Will never get enough of this place.

Btw, frequent holiday goers may likewise opt to become members of the Azalea Vacation Club (AVC), a premier holiday membership provider that grants members exclusive perpetual vacation rights in all Azalea Hotels and Residences properties. Because I enjoyed both my Azalea Boracay and Azalea Baguio stays, the AVC is something that I'd want to be part of! If interested, email or call (02) 634-7742.

One last group photo! 

Hanggang huli and hanggang sa muli! Thanks kuyas!

Left the hotel with a view of Boracay's quirky pink clouds - A simple reminder to appreciate life's beauty in the details. 

And so, thank you Azalea Boracay! Till summer!

For more information, call the Manila reservations number at (632) 450-1151, 09178611641, or 09199944140. Email, or visit, Azalea Hotels Residences Boracay on Facebook, and @AzaleaBoracay on Twitter.

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