Jessie J Manila 2015: SMART Free Exclusive Concert!

Friday, December 11, 2015

"We're paying with love tonight!"

Smart Communications surprised its loyal subscribers with a FREE JESSIE J CONCERT. Super wow! Tickets were given away last week for the first 3000 in-line! 

KIA Theatre in Cubao was jam-packed last night for this special musical event. In a way, it felt like a huge Thanksgiving and Christmas Party:

Stayed in this lounge area with my fellow Sun Cellular and Smart bloggers before the concert started:

Hi Mikyle and Dani! 

It was my first time to watch a Jessie J concert! The last time she was here, I regretted not catching her show after seeing all the online raves for this all-out performer. And they're right! The pop star did not just performed her famous songs, she danced wildly, talked to the audience in between (or even during!) the songs, and made a connection with everyone in the venue. I swear!

There was a time when Jessie J handed her mic to a fan named Kelcey after noticing this poster in the intimate crowd. She sang a few lines from Who You Are... And made the English singer dance and applaud loudly in approval!

"It's okay not to be okay!"

Flashlight daw, hehehe! Hi Niche and Jackie!

Jessie J did not conform to anyone's standards. To her, she is what she is, and doesn't have to fit any "Pop Star" mould. What I like about her was her impromptu song, where she said that she doesn't care about the "showbiz shit" and she feels that she's not any different from the rest of us. She just loves to sing, and she's there to make us all feel better. Awww!

I am now a big fan!

"You haven't seen the best of me I'm still working on my masterpiece."

I uploaded NINE consecutive videos on my Instagram last night just because! You have to listen to them (@anagon) to get what I am saying: She nailed everything from upbeat songs, soulful ballads, a cover song, to birits!

I must say everyone went home satisfied, emotional, inspired, and currently having post-concert syndrome! Hehehe... Thank you Smart Communications for this beautiful treat! 

"Be proud of your sadness. It's from there you discover the brightest moments in your life."
- Jessie J


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