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Friday, December 11, 2015

Here's what I learned from being a long-time online seller: get ready to adapt with changes. It's harder to be stubborn, you have to always be flexible and fast. In a more mobile world, people rely not only on the internet, but on their mobile phones while they're on-the-go!

Shopee, Southeast Asia’s newest smart and secure social mobile marketplace officially launches in the Philippines today. Aside from being Bloggers United 10's very supportive sponsor, I decided to learn more about the app during their media launch at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel:

Shopee, available for free in Apple App Store and Google Play, boasts a wide range of products and is equipped with a secure payment service and innovative socially-driven features to create a more secure, fun, fast, and easy shopping and selling experience. 

Currently, it has millions of users across the region.. And that includes me and some of my blog friends!

“Today, a large part of online purchases in Southeast Asia takes place on mobile. With Shopee’s availability here in the Philippines, Filipinos can now fully experience a free, highly intuitive social mobile interface, where anyone can buy and sell in less than 30 seconds, even when on-the-go”, says Terence Pang, Regional Managing Director of Shopee.

Shopee also addresses common issues faced by users on other existing marketplaces such as fraud, transaction risks, and the hassle of face-to-face meetings. Shoppers can now purchase their favorite products from the app with peace of mind through a secure payment service called Shopee Guarantee – this ensures that if products are not received in the previously agreed-upon condition, payment will be refunded to the buyers in full.

Featuring a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface with an in-app Live Chat function, Shopee enables users to shop and communicate at their own convenience. Designed to truly embody a social commerce platform, Shopee integrates social features, including hashtag functions, allowing users to easily search for the most popular trending product or keep up with the latest trends. They will receive updates in real-time similar to any other social media platforms. 

For budding entrepreneurs, Shopee also empowers them to be more effective sellers by providing access to millions of consumers at zero cost, with integrated tools to manage inventories and customer relations. 

It is actually also very user-friendly! Download the app now and see for yourself:

After the program, we were treated to a good lunch and some shopping (via the app!).

Shopee Crew helped us with the app, and also introduced us to some of their top merchants:

Ava and Pax serious about their mobile shopping!

Chin and Kat checking out Rafaela Couture clothes:

Lots of makeup below Php 500 only!

Oh, and Shopee also supports young entrepreneurs! With tools such as the Seller Assistant, Shopee helps everyday individuals sell like a professional retailer and become successful entrepreneurs.

I am actually inspired to sell online again! :)
For more information and updates, like Shopee Philippines on FACEBOOK.

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