Hong Kong Day 1: Around Causeway Bay

Thursday, January 07, 2016

This is my very first impulsive trip ever, I barely had 2 days till the travel date! I usually book flights in advance to score cheap tickets and also to plan my itinerary ahead. But for this Hong Kong trip, I just felt the need to start the new year on a high note!

Travelled with Marj and her boyfriend + boyfriend's sibling. We were a pretty diverse group (isa gusto shopping, isa hiking, isa touristy spots (me)), but I think this made the trip even more exciting!

I also usually do not want to repeat a destination, para maiba naman. I've been to Hong Kong 2x already (before this), but I realized that the first one, I was too young and clueless, while on the second, our itinerary consisted of theme parks and Macau. So basically, it still felt like my first time!

No regrets on paying steeper plane tickets via Cebu Pacific, because I get more points on my GetGo rewards card.

The usual: instant noodles, water, and coffee for the 1.5 hour ride:

Half-awake, half-daydreaming:

They were singing "Welcome to Hong Kong!" the whole time, for the rest of the 5-day trip. Hehehe.

PS: Doktora na yang si Marj a! Haha, still makulit! I had always been the tawa lang / bungisngis of the barkada! 
Was heart-eyes emoji during our whole cab ride to our hostel. We decided to go for the taxi instead of the train (although convenient din naman), since we're splitting the fare to 4. True enough, almost same lang ang nagastos namin minus the hassles of lugging our bags.
We're staying in the busy Causeway Bay area, which is super easy to navigate. Signs are everywhere:

Shopping malls and food areas from luxury to back alley finds:

The group had reservations in Marlboro Inn at the Fashion Walk, Paterson Building C. Before the trip, I tried searching for another hostel or Airbnb in case the owner will not allow an extra person, but accommodations were all super expensive or fully booked na (peak season nga naman).

Our crazy-tiny room:

Everything's compromised when staying here: sheets and towels are not that clean, place is small and dusty (was sneezing every night), and receptionist can't speak English (although eto ang nagpatawa sakin for most part of the trip, haha!). 

Legit tea paraphernalia at the waiting area / lobby:

They have few rooms lang, and a small hallway:

BUT I'm still going to stay here when I go back to Hong Kong because of several things: for the price of "bunk beds hostels", you have your privacy plus your own restroom that has unlimited tissue rolls, basic body wash and shampoo, and towels you can change everyday (just get a new one in the hall cabinet). Rooms are air conditioned, and there's TV, hot shower, and few sockets for charging your gadgets (don't forget to bring an adaptor for Plug Type G!). 

The best part is whenever I go out of the room! Marlboro Inn is very near the MTR and major shopping malls. Pag labas mo, eto na! 

Or ito!

I eventually came to love our hostel, hehe.
 Check more on Marlboro Inn HERE, or go to Agoda and
Also super near our hostel:


Comme des Gacons:

Vivienne Westwood:

First order of business, look for a place to eat!

Went to City Super's Cooked Deli section:

It's a food court with lots of cuisine options. Not necessarily cheap, I realized now that most of my meals in Hong Kong medyo mahalia (compared to Japan, even).

I had the vegetable curry meal from Tiger Curry. Ang laki din naman ng serving size nila, and the eggplant looks unreal and neon:

Excited to eat! 

Ended the day just walking around the neighborhood, store to store, mall to mall.

New favorite wasteland: Log-On!

The cute 3D Doodler that we only see on viral Facebook vids:

World maps and travel-themed kutingtings: 

Several world globe styles:


Passport holders:


Bag tags:

Little Prince Moleskin:
Polaroid looking like the Instagram logo:

More cute vintage looking cameras:

This one is an action camera ala GoPro that you can take underwater:

They have Star Wars exhibits everywhere!

I realized that Hong Kong is like a "one-stop country". They have their own Times Square plaza:

A Shibuya Crossing:

Ala NYC's Broadway:

Luxury brands (everywhere!)

Super HUGE Apple store na always may long lines:

Cute tram buses:

Spotted a church between the shops:

Hi Marj!

An attempt to mirror-ceiling selfie:

Cute boutique hotel lobby (sorry wasn't able to get the name!)

My Zalora velcro shoes against their carpet:

Sneakers here and there. They are not necessarily cheap, but most of them are unique and / or limited edition.

Furry Adidas sneakers:

Limited edition Adidas Superstar in silver, gold, and metallic toe-cap:

Stan Smiths with a funky embroidered detail:

CDG x Nike black sneakers (my dream shoes during the trip)

Vintage Nike:

Plaid New Balance:

High Top Adidas:

Studded and metallic Vans:

Brandless velcro sneakers:

Adidas Superstar with wings! 

Break from (window) shopping in a shoes store:

Ang dami dami ding authentic branded bags on sale! Di ako prepared! :p

Unique Longchamp: 

Cool! Saw Mich Dulce hats in one of the stores:

Dream closet:

Coffee break at Pacific Coffee: 

Our street at night, buti naabutan namin these cool fashion Christmas trees which they put-down din the following day:

Causeway Bay's literal na "Food Street" where you can find authentic Hong Kong cafes and restaurants:

"Chimay" beer:

Nightcap, it was a productive first day!


To be continued...

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  1. Ang fun!! Reference ko toh pag nag HK Kami! Plan ata din ni mommy when I graduate! Hehe :)

    1. Thanks Beb! :D Exciting you'll have HK trip din!

  2. Ang ganda ng mga shoes. The best tlga ang hk for shopping!!

    1. Medyo di ako prepared sa shoppingan! Daming neat finds :p

  3. Hi! Saan yung store ng mga sale bags? :))

  4. Hey there! Your blog is a must read to all those who's planning to visit Hong Kong soon, like me, just wanna ask how did you book sa Marlboro Inn kasi it seems that their site is already dowb for reservation eh, Thank you!

  5. Are you paying over $5 per pack of cigarettes? I buy all my cigarettes at Duty Free Depot and this saves me over 50% from cigarettes.

  6. hi dear!!
    may i ask where yung adidas/nike/vans shoes located?:D and how much yung price range? thank youuu!! we're going this december kasi c:

  7. Hi! What time do shops in causeway bay open? TIA


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