Make Your Own Magnum at SM Mall of Asia

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I miss the Magnum Manila store in SM Aura. I remembered my attempt to go there one last time with @krissyfied, but traffic was so bad that day we ended up having dinner in Makati nalang.

Good news, though, Magnum Manila recently just opened their new store at the Mall of Asia (right across Uniqlo). I think this is just perfect, since I'm feeling summer more and more the past days (huhu, bye sweaters and coats!).

A smaller version of the store in Aura, MOA's Magnum Manila is a "Pleasure Store". A global concept, the Pleasure Store is where pleasure seekers can enjoy the ultimate Belgian Chocolate experience of making your own Magnum, still, for a limited amount of time only.

As always, you'll spot cute "Instagram worthy" nooks and corners in the new store:

A small dining area where you can rest after a day of malling: 

And the highlight of the store: create your own Magnum! Had the chance to go behind the counter to make my ice cream on my own! 

First step is to select your "naked" Magnum bar from silky Vanilla or rich Chocolate ice cream. I had the vanilla.

 I was a bit nervous, even dropped the cover of the shaker, haha!

Next is to choose three from the wide array of toppings, ranging from classic toppings like marshmallows or crunch balls, special toppings such as dried raspberries or pistachios, or experimental toppings for the more adventurous like chili flakes or sea salt flakes!

What are your top 3? :D There are 18 to choose from:

I had the Caramel Crunch Balls (parang Maltesers), Almonds, and SEA SALT FLAKES! :D

Shake it off! Lol.

Set aside your shaker for a while, then pick your chocolate coat from white, milk, or dark chocolate:
Dip your ice cream (I had the milk chocolate), and raise your bar high!

Get your toppings, and equally pour them on both sides of your Magnum, before setting it on the board plate:

Drizzle a few more melted chocolate on top of everything (had the dark chocolate this time).

Then finally, top off your creation with an M coin!

Charan! Hahaha! I actually LOVE what I created, the sea salt flakes is a nice surprise with the chocolate. Hindi nakakasawa! :)

Btw, here's something for YOU. For the next three Fridays and Saturdays (January 22, 23, 29, 30, and February 5, and 6), Magnum Manila MOA will be hosting its first ever #MagnumPleasureHour where consumers have the chance to indulge in a FREE Make Your Own Magnum bar.  All they need to do is come to the Magnum Manila MOA store between 6 to 7 PM and share the promo photo found on @Magnum_PH twitter and Instagram to claim their prize.

Fun hangout with Ava and Ruth:

A "make your own" bar is at Php 120. Try it, again the store is for a limited time only!

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