Monday, February 22, 2016

I used to go to Quiapo weekly.

Armed with two to three empty bags, I easily filled these up with cheap finds and materials that I can use to create accessories that I can sell online. I miss this place ever since I moved back to our house in Alabang.

Back during my UST days, I'll hop and take one short jeepney ride to Quiapo and Binondo just to scout and source. The vibe is always super alive, street sellers were my "idols" in terms of hard work and patience. And the colors! Everywhere I look is inspiration.

A month or so ago, my parents and I went on a field trip to Binondo. We had a cheap but super filling all-vegetarian lunch in dad's recommended New Quan Yin Chai Vegetarian restaurant. The (fake) barbecue is unforgettable, I finished 2.5 sticks. 

We also bought home frozen vegetarian ulam like the veggie meat and veggie hotdog:

Then we walked around Chinatown to explore and shop. We purchased packs of Salazar's hopia and tikoy, cheap but fresh fruits and vegetables from street karitons, Wei Wei dumplings and cheese balls, and dad's Chinese medicines at the Suy Chong Chinese Drug Store.


Ended the day with a Quiapo stopover, where I had the chance to check out my good ol' suppliers and see what's new. Of course, I can't leave without visiting the Quiapo Church, which I owed a lot for listening to my college dramas. Haha! Those were the days.

Everyone's super happy with their purchases on our way home, as I watched the sunset from our car. Dad wants this to be a regular thing, haha, let's see! I am just happy to have these "bonding days" with my parentals. 

How to commute to Binondo:

Easiest way is to ride the LRT 1, and go down Carriedo Station. From the station, walk towards the Carriedo Fountain and Sta. Cruz Church. You can also take the Divisoria jeep from Taft Avenue, the or the Sta. Cruz jeep from EDSA... both routes will directly pass by the Binondo Church.


  1. Good photos. :-)

    I am a frequent visitor of Ongpin but unlike you I only entered a few shops there. The usual Eng Bee Tin and also Salazar. I always see that vegetarian resto but I haven't dined in there. I am a suki of Estero.

    I guess I need to explore Binondo more because based on your post, there's plenty of things to discover for me.

    1. Yehey thank you! I'd like to see more of it, I haven't really been to a lot of side streets, mas more on Quiapo :)


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