Ruth's Harry Potter Themed Birthday with Clara Ole!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Yey for themed parties and guests who are all game! I saw all these and more last week during @ruthilicious' birthday, sponsored by Clara Ole (totyal!). Read on why this is one of the BEST birthday parties I've ever attended!

Something wicked this way comes!

The Event Invitation

Other than Ruth's online invite, I also received an invitation via mail that included:

- A Hogwarts acceptance letter (the dream for a Potterhead like me!)
- A ticket to Hogwarts Express (at Platform 9 3/4!)
- AND my very own wand!

It's a themed party, so COSTUMES were required!

There's no need for me to spend for my costume since I have pieces that resembled or are original Harry Potter merchandise, since I'm a fan.

I decided to come as Ginny Weasley, although she's not my most favorite Harry Potter character. I just thought that we're the same in a lot of aspects...

Like having crazy siblings and a big, tight, happy family, we're both medyo socially awkward, and, of course, we both have a HUGE crush on Harry Potter!

Here are the other cool costumes during the event! Everybody's super game, and made an effort, nakakatuwa tignan lahat!

Mother Earth as Ginny as well, Rodel as Harry potter, and Kuya John as Professor Snape! He was sobrang in-character the whole time, he won the best in costume award!

Krissy as Tonks, complete with changing hair color? :D

The Venue:

I received TONS of messages during and after the party if there really is a Great Hall in Quezon City (hehehe). I LOVE how Ruth, her friends, and Clara Ole transformed Lola Cafe in Timog into the perfect venue for witches and wizards' gathering:

I saw this uploaded in Ruth's Instagram while on my way, so I Googled for Gryffindor's passwords to be sure! Hehehe!

The four houses:

Floating candles effect:

Every detail counts:

"Dementor's Kiss" as part of the table's centrepiece (along with lamps, Harry Potter book pages, and jelly beans!).

Photo wall area (I edited the double picture effect with PicsArt).

Even the restroom is decorated with Moaning Myrtle and the entryway to the Ministry of Magic! Haha!

The Souvenirs

The "broomsticks" in front of everyone are actually the Clara Ole loot bags! Cool noh?

I sent this photo via email few days before the party! Now it's a poster!

The Program

With tons of games and laughtrip side comments from our two hosts (birthday girl Ruth + Paul), I was just laughing the whole time! Ang saya! My favorite most prob was the "dugtungan" game. Nahalungkat ang song knowledge ko, hehe.

The Banquet!

No party is complete without the feast! I love Ruth's handa because they are all unique, and still in-theme (the names, very well-thought out). Ang sarap, some of the dishes even gave me an idea the next time I plan to cook at home!

What we had:

Tawa padin, hehehe! In front of the buffet spread, Ruth explained the dishes we're about to share:

Most, if not all of them, are created with Clara Ole:

My new and favorite Clara Ole discovery that afternoon: Clara Ole Truly Fruity Dessert Toppings. Instant special ang food with these!

The People

Of course, I think the party wouldn't be this fun and crazy and memorable if not for the people I was with! :)

After-party! Hehe, tanggalan na ng layers!

As Ruth always puts it, "What Ruth wants, Ruth gets"! Congrats on your magical and successful party! I am happy to have experienced a lot of my favorite things with my favorite people in one venue. :)

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  1. may dementor sa group photo! hahaha

  2. Thank you so much Ana for sharing this super fun moment with me!!! I love the nice pictures, your character and the snaps that you saved!! Thank you! I love you!

  3. ang nice mg mga costumes 😍 Happy BDay kay Ms Ruth😊


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