YOLO Afternoon with BLUE

Friday, March 04, 2016

What do you do when you're with one of your crazy close friends, have some time to spare, and encountered a free booth where you can "create your own commercial"?

Participate in the kagulo, of course!

 A few weeks ago, I went to Gateway in Cubao to meet up with Tracy, when we saw the happenings at the activity center. I can hear a person in a microphone as if directing a group, and there were lots of blinding lights, and people watching the scene: 

True enough, it's like a commercial set, complete with cameras, press people, and ANYONE can be the star (for around 10-15 minutes, actually).

B'lue Water Plus drink makes you feel fully alive to take on what's ahead. In the "commercial set" are photos and real stories of people who worked hard to make a mark in their industry:

And since I was in the mood to try something crazy for the first time, we went for it! Yolo nalang! 
First step is to register your basic info:

I got the B'lue Calamansi! Also available in Orange and Lychee.

Then you wait for your turn to the studio:

I cannot imagine doing this alone! Hahaha! Thank God I have Tracy with me!

Rolling! So we posed like models and danced to Justin Bieber songs...

And of course, showed everyone the way to a more refreshing and confident life! 

After that, we headed to the next stations...

Where we picked up our USB with our video:

Got interviewed, complete with "groupies" (haha!). Tracy promoted her new film with Papa P, hehehe.

"Third party po ako ng Jadine." Awow.

It was surprisingly fun! What did I get from all these? That life is all about going out of the box, taking risks (even when it's embarrassing! Haha!), and just "laugh" and not take things too seriously!

And of course, the best part is going home with my new B'lue "commercial", hehehe! Check out my Instagram @anagon for the video! :D

Thank you B'lue for this different experience! Made me feel alive from all the adrenaline rush, hehehe.

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