Solenn Heussaff's Favorite: Lux Soft Touch Body Wash + Contest Alert!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A little something about my favorite body wash + giveaway alert!

I've been using Lux Soft Touch Body Wash since my dorm days two or so months ago (grabe ang tagal na!). I find body wash with easy-open, no spills cap the most convenient to bring for someone who is always mobile. Other than that, it is also super mabango. I feel fresh not only after bathing (ang sarap pa nyang gamitin at night), but also I feel that I'm wearing perfume na the whole day!

The fine print:
Lux Soft Touch, for skin so irresistibly soft that it invites the caress. 

Usage Instructions:
Pour a drop of this fragranced body wash on a bath puff. Massage all over your body and indulge in the luxurious lather.

Will Try the Lux Soft Touch Perfumed Soap next:

Aside from feeling pampered with its nice, thick lather, the Lux Soft Touch Body Wash also has the most mild scent from all the Lux Perfumed Body Wash that I've used. I remembered it is Solenn Heussaff's favorite because of the the SilkEssence and French Rose Infusion! It also gives my skin a more moisturized feel. 

Btw, Lux is giving away a Lux Soft Touch gift pack on their Instagram! To join, post a selfie, and answer why you love having fragrant skin. Don't forget to use the hashtags #BatheWithLux and #LuxSoftTouch to qualify! For more information on this contest, follow @LuxPH on Instagram! :)


Your turn! Always excited to read your comments! :)