Namsan Park + N Seoul Tower

Monday, June 20, 2016

After the DMZ tour, and after Paul left for the airport (huhu), Tracy and I decided to just maximize whatever we can see in our area. I really recommend staying at the New Sun Guesthouse while in Korea because it is not only near Myeongdong, but also in two of Korea's tourist spots Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower!

We tried to ask our inn keeper about the N Seoul Tower because we can already see it from outside our guest house. We had a bit of language barrier situation, so Tracy and I decided to just go with our gut feel and walk. We reached the Namsan Park entrance in no time. 

It looks intimidating, but doable. We asked random people we bumped into if it's the way to the tower, and they said yes so we moved further. 

Water fountain:

Random statues we chanced upon while walking:

And lots of cherry blossom trees!

Weaved rags covered our pathways, meaning, the steps are actually uphill! I wasn't expecting that we will be trekking that day, but still, we moved along.

 Btw, there's also an option to ride a cable car up to the tower, but Tracy and I can't find it - and also, we felt that it's just an easy walk. Little did we know that we're already climbing the Namsan Mountain, HAHA. The view, though, is majestic especially because it's Spring time:

This lane is said to be the LONGEST avenue of cherry trees anywhere in the city:

"Uy, T! Picturean kita dyan!"

We were out of breath and unsure if we're halfway to our destination. And so we stopped talking and laughing, and just walked...

And walked...

It was a foggy day, it also rained that night. Paasa every time I see the N Seoul Tower peeping:


While the Seoul Tower opened in 1980, it was recently renamed to N Seoul Tower (N for "New") after the structure underwent remodelling. Others also call it as either "Namsan Tower", or "YTN Seoul Tower", which can be confusing! 

Some highlights: it changes color scheme, has an observatory, a revolving restaurant, a mall, and their own version of love locks!

Outdoor bazaar:

We did not get tickets for the observatory, and just looked for the Locks of Love while there's still enough sunlight to take photos (blogger probs, kainis). You can avail discounted N Seoul Tower Observatory Ticket online in advance. 

Yey! Nyaha! We stayed here for a while, just taking photos, and checking out the writings on the padlocks:

I saw a lot of interesting notes-and even materials-in Korea's Locks of Love!

Like this laminated family photo:

A phone case with scribbles (naiwan nya siguro yung lock nya, hehe)

Medyo wholesome yung nag lock nito noh, haha!

Of course, di kami papahuli! Haha! Who needs a lover when you have best friends, naks! Also, may purpose pala kaya lagi akong may Sharpee sa bag! Lol.

We went inside the mall to rest after the long walk. Chanced upon this cool OLed Tunnel that projects realistic city skyline:


Starbucks to try the cherry blossom themed drinks:

Hay, Starbucks' cute pink cup for spring!

When Tracy and I decided to go back, pinilit namin talaga makahanap ng way to not walk this time (haha). We waited outside - in the cold, dark bus stop - while the driver was having a nap. There's a specific time when the bus will arrive (or in this case, bago sya magpapasok ng pasahero).. and it was already getting cold outside. The line we created started to get longer, and we really felt cold na - but deadma si kuya sa loob ng bus! Haha! He just slept, and even turned off the lights of the bus, kaloka! 

But true enough, he allowed everyone inside the moment his break was up!

... Better than walking through the whole Namsan Park again, wah! :D

Ahhh Myeongdong! After the cold and tiring trekking trip, Tracy and I decided to enjoy the night when we saw the street sellers and their unique food offerings! Dinner time!

I tried all sorts of vegetarian food that I encountered. My first was the deep fried potato rings with sour cream powder. I also tried the pan-fried rice cake (Ddeokgochi). And then this grilled vegetable kimchi, just because the seller looks like Pax's boyfriend Nico! Gusto ko sya picturean without looking creepy! Haha!

Sunog ang kimchi! 

Just half of my dinner that night, hehehe. I miss you Korea! :)

Up next: Gangnam and Hongdae! 
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  3. Hi Anagaon, I'm in Korea now, and I'm making a small iOS travel app about Korea. It's a free app, and there's a section that includes tourism information. I really love your pictures and was wondering if I could include them in my app? If that's cool with you, I would give you credit of course and also put a link to your blog in my acknowledgements section. I tried getting pics from, but they wouldn't let me use it because of copyright issues. What do you think? You can contact me via email at Here a link to my website

  4. And that's the tallest building in Seoul! Can't wait to see it my self. I already got my N Seoul Tower Ticket , so excited! By the way, street foods are amazing too!


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