Lucky Blue Smith For Penshoppe

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Last week, was lucky enough (cringe, haha) to meet International supermodel and Penshoppe's newest ambassador: Lucky Blue Smith!

Straight from the airport, Lucky Blue went to Conrad Manila for the intimate press conference.

What I like about Lucky Blue Smith:

1) It feels like he had a long rest, making sure to accommodate all the questions from the press even when he just literally got there from the airport!

2) Last year, the six-foot-two-inch model—with his piercing blue eyes and platinum hair—skyrocketed to international fame, especially online, with people dubbing him as the male equivalent of Cara Delevingne.

But even with the popularity, Lucky Blue has no ere. You know when someone's sincere and down-to-earth, and he is one of those cool guys. He is also very charming, and knows how to connect with his fans!

3) He is very close to his family, constantly posting good times with his sisters on Instagram! I like that!

4) He is honest and open, learned more about his story during the brief presscon.

5) He is only 18, but has a lot of achievements already! Btw, he is also SUPER TALL for his age!

More pictures during the event!

 The Many faces of Lucky Blue Smith! He's so animated and wacky - not one to take himself too seriously!

“Among the things that Penshoppe is known for is our annual meet and greet where we bring really international personalities to the country,” shares Jeff Bascon, Brand Director of Penshoppe. “We really love doing this because one, it allows these celebrities to get to know the Filipinos better, and the main market that brand they are representing is speaking to. In addition, it also brings global attention to our country, our people, and our culture, which is something that Penshoppe really strives to do.”

Lucky Blue Smith was launched as a Penshoppe ambassador back in February when he became the face of the brand’s Spring/Summer campaign. Hi Manila visit coincides a meet-and-greet and a fashion show for Penshoppe's pre-holiday collection.

Featuring a myriad of cool and undeniably stylish pieces that come in both dynamic and subdued colors, Penshoppe's collection for the pre-holiday campaign intends to highlight the vibrant and edgy fashion sense of “cool kids” from different parts of the world’s most fashionable metropolises.

To know more about Penshoppe, please visit or follow them on Facebook at Penshoppe, on Instagram with handle @penshoppe, on Twitter as @PENSHOPPE, and on Snapchat at @teampenshoppe.

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