#AxeBlackDavid Merchandise Price List

Saturday, October 08, 2016

I feel fortunate that once in my life I traveled with David Guison (naks!). 

In this photo, we were off to Boracay to cover the Superbods event as hosts of then-online show for Madhouse. Since then, I noticed how constant David travels here in the country and even abroad. New York this week, then Sweden or a local beach on the next. It's crazy! What surprises me is when I still see him in events, all dressed to the nines. If there's something that DG knows about, I must say it is keeping up with style and traveling.

This is what #AxeBlackDavid is all about, well, for me! We all know that the event and the concept store was a hit, with yesterday's blockbuster launch. Aside from being well-attended by fellow bloggers and his long-time fans, I just have to ask them for a price list of the well-curated travel-themed merchandise in the store. 

Sharing them to you guys!

All photos from Vina Guerrero (@guerrerovina), @AxePhilippines, and @DavidGuison, thank you!

Bomber - Php 2500

Shirts - Php 800

Caps - Php 500 / Travel Organizers - Php 200

Tote Bags - Php 450

Sneakers - Php 3150

Specs - Php 299

Pins - Php 550 / Patches - Php 595

Fuji XA2 - Php 27,990

Btw, my blog friends and I will be joining David's panel discussion tomorrow (Sunday). True to the theme, everything's going to be all about our travels and adventures! I will be with Aisa Ipac, Paul Chuapoco, Sarah Tirona (hopefully!), and Kelly Medina during the 5pm - 6pm schedule... Really hope to see you there!

The Axe Black David concept store is located at the Lower Ground Floor, Bonifacio High Street Central, BGC, Taguig (Formerly Promod). To get there, just ride the Fort Bus near Ayala MRT station (North Bound), or take the Php 50 common taxi to Fort also located near Ayala MRT station (North Bound) and tell the driver to drop you off Bonifacio Central (Jamba Juice, Mango, etc).

Let's shop and talk about our travel stories..

PS: Congrats David! Always proud of you, you deserve this! :)


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