TriNoma: PAWS Pet Cafe and Zombie Diner!

Friday, October 14, 2016

And here's a south girl saying....It's an exciting October in TriNoma! 
Let me count the ways...

First of all, TriNoma has been doing the Choose Your Own Food Adventure every year, but for 2016 there are many exciting twists! 

In time for Halloween, there's the zombie-fied dining experience, while for animal-lovers like me, there's finally an accessible dog / cat cafe in the country! And it's for a cause! 

Choose Your Own Food Adventure: PAWS PET CAFE

Last week, finally back from all the travels, I met up with my Japan In Manila (@JapanInManila) fam for our usual hangout / journaling day. We ended up in a cafe where we forgot to take out our prized notebooks, pens and washi tapes. The PAWS Pet Cafe is located at the 3rd Floor of TriNoma, Powerbooks area, with the cutest barn set-up.

To enter, you just have to purchase any food or drink from the available menus at the registration table. We had Happy Lemon Milk Tea, and were able to stay there for a good hour or so. Our drinks were served to us at our corner.. While we were playing with the dogs for the day. 

Looks like Ting! Maui was a star in our table. My heart was full when I saw my friends Ava and Ashley also giving the dogs some lovin', they are also big pet lovers! 

I met a Doctor Dog! Super cool!

What I like about this concept cafe is that guests get the chance to meet the rescued dogs (or cats) that are up for adoption c/o PAWS. When I heard about the PAWS Pet Cafe, I was so grateful for TriNoma for hosting something like this. I've always wanted to go to PAWS' Head Quarters, but have no transportation to do so. TriNo is just a train ride away. Hope there will be more PAWS Pet Cafe in all Ayala Malls so that more rescued dogs and cats will be exposed to potential parents, but that's just the big animal lover in me talking! Hehe!

They interchange Dogs and Cats schedule, and have different pets in the cafe everyday. For more information, follow PAWS on FACEBOOK!

Choose Your Own Food Adventure: Zombie Outbreak Diner

Welcome to the diner, I imagined her saying as I entered TriNoma's Level 1 Garden Restaurants yesterday, hehehe:

After all the zombie movies that gave us all a thrill, I enjoyed the Zombie Outbreak Diner concept where zombies serve your food or just give you a scare! The best part is, starting this weekend (October 15), they will hold the WHODUNNIT: A Crime Solving Game event where you get to play detective mode, complete with challenges and mind boggling guessing game on Who killed the Doctor!?

Thank you Fish & Co for the yummy lunch!

Watch these actors as you try to find clues to this mystery. Nancy Drew-mode, ON! :D


And of course, participate at the challenges!

To enter the Zombie Outbreak Diner, customers just have to order a minimum purchase of Php 200 from the available menu at the registration table.

Choose Your Own Food Adventure: Foodie's Quest

Win Php 1000 restaurant GCs! Foodies will just have to complete all challenges found on the Foodie's Quest page of the Choose Your Own Food Adventure map, present the purchase receipt indicating their order at the TriNoma Main Concierge (Level 1 near Activity Center), to mark the challenge done!

Once all challenges are completed, customers may claim their prize.

For more information, like TriNoma on FACEBOOK!


  1. Teary eyed haha thank you Ana, Ava and Ashley for spending time with the PAWS dogs <3

    1. Thanks Carizza!!! Hope I can be as involved as you with dog advocacies. <3

  2. Si Pax parang nagpapahula lang. Hehe. PAWS Pet Cafe = chill; Zombie Outbreak Diner = stress haha


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