HyuGa Cafe & Bakery Seoul: Former BTS Dorm Turned Coffee Shop

Monday, February 13, 2023

One of our pleasant stops during our BTS pilgrimage in Seoul is the boys' former dormitory. From a place where they once lived, the building was recently converted into a cafe in March 2022. I'm glad we found out about it when we visited Korea trip in Autumn of same year. It's another BTS location in Seoul that ARMYs can add to their itinerary. 

A new BTS location to add to your pilgrimage

If it looks familiar, it's because we've seen parts of the building in so many BTS reality shows

Like most of you, I became an even bigger fan of BTS because of their reality shows, from Bon Voyage to Run BTS! and American Hustle Life. Most of the behind-the-scenes showed their old dorm set-up. They lived in this building until 2018. 

A perfect place for ARMYs to stop over and have a drink in between their BTS tour

Now that it's a bakery cafe, I am pleased that the owners retained the "touch of BTS" in the building. When we arrived in the cafe, about 80% of the crowd were foreign fans of the Kpop group! An automatic sliding glass door leads to the building entrance on the ground floor, where we were greeted to a stylish granite space. There's a huge mirror that calls for a selfie, and an equally huge OT7 pencil drawing. 

Love that they retained the BTS essence of this building

What HyuGa Cafe&Bakery stands for: A rest space of Artists

Heading up one plight, we were already in the dorm's living room--now turned into the main dining and cashier area of the cafe. There's a spread where you can choose your breads and pastries, take whatever you want and place them on a tray. The cashier is right beside it, where you can order your drinks, and pay. They have hot and iced coffee, juices, and teas. 

Honest to goodness I just love Korean breads

The guy passing by at the back had a funny expression over Paxie joking around for my camera

Dining area in this floor is covered with post-it notes where fans doodled and wrote messages to BTS. Feel free to leave your mark too, there are post-its and pens provided. 

Only a few months since the cafe opened, and this wall is almost covered with sticky notes

Framed sticky notes, must came from the first cafe guests?

Met co-ARMYs Lau and Pia, I usually just interact with them online! I shall describe Hyuga Cafe as a space where ARMYs can meet, relax, and enjoy

Aside from messages to BTS and co-ARMYs, I also spotted photos & artworks on the wall

Here to stay. Super thankful ko I was given a chance to be there during their last concert before Jin's enlistment

When I get to visit this cafe again, I'm pretty sure it will be fully covered with love notes

You'll know which is which, or whose room you are in as they also stuck screenshot photos of how the space formerly looked. 

You'll spot artworks here and there, tastefully placed on walls and desks

Ang galing talaga that they retained the structure, di nila tinibag the walls

Spotted Jimin and J-Hope's room on our way to the CR

Jin and Yoongi's Room

More dining space in this floor

There were several diners in some of the areas where the other members' rooms were once located, so I wasn't able to take photos of those. I will try to visit again to complete this post when I am back in Seoul. :)

HyuGa Cafe and Bakery

16 Nonhyeon-ro 119-gil, Gangnam District, Seoul

Nearest Subway: Hakdong Station Exit 4

Google Maps | Instagram Account

Near Yoojung Sikdang, Old Big Hit Building, and Hakdong Park

Store Hours: 10 a.m. - 9:30 p.m, except Chuseok

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