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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Although travel still tops my wish list for 2017, I also want my own pad or office. It's a far-fetched, goal, but as they say, you have to believe it to achieve it!

Yesterday, I was in Mall of Asia and saw the Our Home store inviting me to look around. What I like about this experience is that I felt no pressures in purchasing something while inside the store. I can go around freely (even took photos!) just to canvass for my "feed goals" pad.

And since it's December, expect lots of Holiday themed set-up around the store. Here's one of my favorites:

For my "receiving area" or sala:

I like the combination of metal, wood, glass, and ceramic accents for table top displays. They have a variety, for every aesthetic you choose for this season.

Candles and lamps in festive colors:

Throw pillows that come in different colors and sizes + the scarf sofa accent: 

Assorted plastic plants and flowers that doesn't look plastic / looks elegant:

If you don't like flowers, Our Home also carries quirky fruits displays!

Japanese minimalist effect with these silver "origami" tabletop displays:

Nice add-on for a classy holiday touch:

Lamps in red, throw pillows with nice striking color or print:

For my bedroom...

A place to relax, my goal is to create a personal space that's both conducive for sleep, but also visually enticing! With what I have now (a bed, basic bookshelf, cabinets, drawers, and vanity area), I can up its style with Our Home's beautiful room accents.

Christmas themed pillow cases:

Sakura comforter and a similar-toned throw pillow:

I like this style! Busy prints that all went together:

Neutral combination. Didn't know that gray and brown compliment each other!

In time for Christmas, Our Home introduces "Homes for the Holidays" where they chose three different themes and schemes for Christmas, including CONTEMPORARY, INDUSTRIAL, and NEO-BAROQUE

In collaboration with the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) graduating class, Our Home currently exhibits these three themes (some shown in photos above) to help their customers in discerning the best style, technique, and ideas for their homes this yuletide season.  

Visit Our Home stores to check out these vignettes! Display is till December 14 only!

For more information, follow @ourhome_ph on Instagram, FACEBOOK, or visit!

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