Almost Mother's Day Thoughts

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The past years, although I work from home, I am always in front of my laptop or busy with my phone because of my work as a blogger. If not, I am out and about to cover events or attend blog clients or BU meetings. I am also constantly traveling, making the most of what life has to offer!

I am guilty how this packed schedule that I chose sometimes hinders me from replying to texts from my mom. Mom has always been like that, she'll ask how my day was or if "Sinong kasama mo?" whenever I go home late from events and parties.

"May kasama ka ba umuwi?", "Okay, ingat!". I may be 30+ already, but I will always be a baby to my mom. Actually, the older I get the more I appreciate mom's expression of love in the form of pangungulit text messages! ❤

Favorite photo with mom, when we were in Disneyland LA for Christmas 2013! We are both big coffee drinkers in the fam.

Beautiful pictures of mom during Autumn in LA:

With perfect timing, saw this vid on Facebook, sobrang naka relate ako! Very mommy ko to!

Even when I am out of the country, she will be bombarding me with texts like "San kayo nag sstay?", "Kamusta ang pasyal?", "Okay ba ang mga food dyan?" (Coz I'm a vegetarian). With a busy itinerary, I only get to reply to her when I am about to sleep, at the end of the day. But mom never forgets, even while boarding the plane I'll receive a last text from her before I turn off my phone: "Magdasal ha, ingat!".

Solo traveling is all fun and independence and the feeling of freedom, but I don't think it will ever be complete without ending my day updating mom on how my day went. :) Actually, not receiving any messages from her worries me more now, haha! Sanay na sanay na ako. I also make sure to bring home a simple pasalubong, kahit ilang beses na ako nag Korea, because it's mom's kaligayahan. Any packed food or trinket from my trip makes her happy! 

But aside from material things, I promise to make #TimeForMom.
Happy Mother's Day to your moms and to all the mom readers of my blog!
Your unconditional love makes the world go 'round.


  1. Thank you for the reminder and beautiful story ate Ana! I always feel this whenever I sleep overnight at my aunts' or friends'. Sometimes, malalaman ko nalng she cried cause I wasnt at our house that night! They're just too sweet arent they? ❤❤

  2. Omg naiyak ako dito ate. Happy Mother's Day sa mama mo ate ❤❤❤


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