The AirAsia BIG Points Quiz ~ Part 6 (FINALE)

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

First of all, congratulations to our FIFTH episode winner of 5000 AirAsia BIG Points (travel points)....

Crystal Marie Canete!

AirAsia get in touch with you for your prize! Congratulations!

Watch and be inspired to travel or travel some more! ❤

Were you amazed by this latest episode from RedTalks with Daphne? Kick-start your journey by joining this quiz and get a chance to win 5,000 AirAsia BIG points!  

Before I bring to you the final question that will give you the chance to win AirAsia Big Travel Points, I have a few words to say about this episode, and the whole series in general.

1) All the videos in this series are well-made, and beautiful. I've seen different travel programs and vlogs before, but the treatment in AirAsia Red Talks is unique, a new perspective, and has so much heart to it.

2) Every topic in every episode is always well-thought of. We feel that we know every thing in our neighboring countries, but turns out there's still so much to learn and see!

3) I particularly love the "Dear Traveler" letter in the final episode. It resonates what I feel ever since I decided that a year is not complete without a trip! I was trying to jot down the quotable quotes during that scene, but I stopped when I realized that I was trying to write down everything Miss Daphne said! Haha! Watch it, instead! :)

 Learn to unlearn your ways.
And when you're tired, stop. This is your journey, not a race. ❤

Now for your final chance to win AirAsia Big Points:

What is your ultimate destination of the year? Why?


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Of course, a big CONGRATULATIONS to the whole AirAsia Red Talks team for coming up with a meaningful web travel series! I am inspired to create MORE blog contents about my travels that doesn't just instruct or give tips, but tell a meaningful story. THANK YOU!


  1. My ultimate destination is Korea. :) Because not only that Korean Wave have invaded our country, it is also because their is something about their Music, Dramas, Movies and Culture that you easily get addicted to. I can't explain the feeling but I really love Korea. That's why my ultimate destination would be Korea because I love everything about it and it would be great if I could really visit the country.

    FB Name: Alice Calingin Manuel

  2. This year, I hope I get the chance to go to Japan and visit my brother who's about to finish his doctoral degree there. I've seen great pictures from there and heard of awesome stories regarding their culture and how they value education, which I would love to experience too.

    Facebook Name: Francis Ryan

  3. My ultimate travel destination would be Japan. I've alwsys been fascinates and enamoured with the coutry since I was a child, from their culture, to their work ethic and technological innovations to their fashion sense. I want to immerse myself in ancient old practices and customs as well as their light years ahead inventions and heavenly made dishes! A treat for the senses!!!

    Fb: Maika Lei

  4. It's always been my dream to go to Japan The land of the rising shine. I really fell inlove with the beauty and culture of thaa country though i haven't been there but through my mom who used to work there for a long time and my aunt who is fortunately a citizen of japan, i get to see and experienced japan through their memories. Just by looking at the photod they've taken it feels like I was there too I kept on imagining myself walking on the street of tokyo, taking selfies and making fun memories at disneyland and many more but it's still different when you experience it for real so i am not giving up on my dreams to go to japan. I know soon one day soon enough i'll get to see the beauty of japan through my eyes and making my OWN memories there. Japan my ultimate dream and ultimate destination for ages wait for me. ♡

    (when i get the chance to go to japan i will make sure to bring my mom. She always wanted to go back it makes me cry when i saw her listening to japanese song and there's a sadness in her eyes it's breaking my heart so this dream aint just my dream. I dream for myself and i dream for my mom) ♥


    FB: Jannealyn Cajucom Estardo

  5. Ang pinakagusto kong mabisita na lugar ay ang bansang Timog Korea. Maliban sa gustong gusto ko talaga makakita ng mga "oppas", gusto ko ring matutunan ang kanilang kultura hindi lang sa pamamagitan ng panonood ng kdrama. Gusto ko ring maibahagi kahit papano ang kultura ng mga Pilipino doon. At gusto kong puntahan ang mga lugar na nakikita ko lang sa kdrama. Sana ay bigyan nyo ako ng pagkakataon na magawa ito. Salamat!

    FB: Lyka Coleen Bautista

  6. My Ultimate destination is to see and experience the beauty of Hongkong, Disneyland together with my husband and my kids. It is our dream travel destination because we've never been there. I would love to go to there because it is a fun and exciting destination and it's been our dream to be able to go. It will be the most memorable vacation ever for us if ever it happens. It will be a good way to strenghten and reconnects our family because it will be the time where we are free from all worries and stress from work and other house chores. It will be a moment where our main goal is to bond and collect happy memories together. Time to ease our mind and get a fresh start again once we go back home. I believe that a family that travels together, get stronger and stay happy forever because the time spent with my family is the most precious thing I can get more than any souvenirs.
    Beautiful places like Hongkong, Disneyland and ofcourse a loving family are the best travel memories ever! Every places we go, makes a beautiful and unforgettable memories. But more than that, it is still the people who is with us in every places that makes memories worth keeping forever.

    FB: Reenkay

    With the global irresponsibility, political self-interest, and massive environmental miseducation, this EXQUISITE island of Maldives, which mostly I saw in pictures and facebook posts, is in the brink of extinction due to several environmental threats that could sink this island. I want to experience first hand the culture and the beauty of this country and to be an advocate of how to help save Maldives by doing efforts of proper education and awareness to all.
    Traveling is not just to have some fun but traveling has privileges and responsiblities!

    Mart Neil Maravillas

  8. My dream destination is Japan because many of its places are breathtakingly beautiful and even more so in full bloom during cherry blossom season. It mixes the modern and the traditional effortlessly. You can find the latest technology nested along side ancient temples. Famed for its amazing food scene.

    FB: KA RL Stephen

  9. Ang isa sa pinakagusto kung puntahan ay ang South Korea! Because:
    S- sumakay sa trains and bus nila
    O- omg! Yung mga palace nila gusto kong puntahan
    U- unique dress,
    T- traditional hanbok, I want to try
    H- highest ski resort

    K- korean street food
    O- open hearted, most of the Koreans are open hearted, I want to make friends with them
    R- rich in beauty products
    E- enchanted place
    A- adventure time. I'm an adventurous person

    I want to take my mom with me if I won. Thank you for this kind of opportunity. More power!
    -Sherilyn Javier-


  10. It's always been a dream of mine to go to Korea. Being a great fan and enthusiast of everything Korean, may it be Kdrama, Korean movies, Kpop, Korean cuisine, Korean architecture, Korean fashion, and the Korean culture, it's a dream of mine to go to Korea, and experience all these things that I just see on TV, and online.

    Everytime I watch Kdrama or even Kpop music videos, I see beautiful and iconic places and imagine myself being there. Just to imagine myself being in a place as beautiful as Korea makes me so happy.

    I am still in college and still fed by my parents so I can't really ask them to give me money.. You see, I'm studying Information Technology, and the tuition fee for this course is no joke. I'm not really that smart so I'm not qualified for any scholarship. I have saved up from my allowance but that's still not really enough.

    Every time I see people I know go to Korea, I just feel a little bit of envy. Haha. I know, that's not nice, but I can't help it.

    Moving on... the reason why I love the Korean culture so much is that because it inspires me. This culture produces so many talented actors, idols, directors, architects, doctors, eveything!!! It's just amazing how a country can be so good in everything.

    There are so many nice places in Korea but on my first visit, I would like to travel to:
    1. Nami Island - Of course, I've seen this in movies, Kdramas, and online and I couldn't help but be amazed by how beautiful it is.
    2. Myeongdong - As a HUGE fan of Korean beauty and fashion, this place is really on my bucket list.
    3. Namsan Tower - I know I'm not the only one who wants to hang a love lock here. ❣️
    4. Temples and Hanok Village - On my visit, I'm going to rent a pink hanbok and just swirl around these temples and hanok village feeling like a Goryeo-era princess! Haha
    5. SMTOWN at COEX ATRIUM - I am a HUGE FAN of SM groups like Red Velvet!!!! And I have seen so many fans online who met them when they went here. I also want to go here to try the food at SUM cafe! Hehe
    6. Gangnam - I want to stroll through the K-Star road and also want to shop at the Gangnam Underground Shopping Center!💜
    7. Famous Kdrama filming locations - Did I mention I was a huge kdrama fan???? Yes?? A million times will I say this. I want to go to filming sites of my favorite kdramas. I would mention them all but this will look like an essay already 😂
    8. Saunas - I have never really tried to go to a sauna before, because I want my first time to be in Korea! Hehe
    9. Gamcheon culture village - I've never seen a village that's so colorful and lively!
    10. Jeju Island - I first saw this beautiful place in the Kdrama "My Girl." Man, this place is amazing!!!! The photos and videos I see online are so pleasing and I just want to experience it.

    There are still so many beautiful places to mention... and I hope I get to experience them all.. It really is one of my dreams to go to Korea. Please make my dream come true. I swear, even if I don't win this, I will still continue saving up just to go to Korea. 💖

    Fb: Kristine Simon

  11. I want t got ot korea not because of the oppa but also for the nice places there and i want to know more in their culture to more often filipinos to come there and make themselves more fun hehe.If i wim i will not just be happy but also be one of a endorser hikhik.I still in thrifty times rn because i want to travel sokor but i think its not easy because you need more money for your exact vacation and also for your pocket money .kamsahamnida everyone

  12. Glo De Leon

    Korea is a dream destination for all kpop or kdrama fans. And Yes I am one of them.The reason why I join here is because my family is not that wealthy to pay for plane ticket, and I am happy that I will be a part of this Contest. Since I was 7 years old this is my dream destination well that time I'm not already a fan of kpop and kdrama but I admit I fall in love with namsan tower. I want to go to korea to experience there culture and ofcourse I want to refresh my mind and forget my problems in school in just one vacation. I hope I will be chosen for this. Fighting. Saranghae


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