Korea In Manila #002

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Annyeong, chingus! I miss youuu! 

To be honest, I am feeling extra sluggish the past days. Add to that, my attention span is at its lowest, my days will consist more of sleep and exercise (that's why I get tired so easily!). Last night, I broke my own record and slept at 9 frickin pm!!! Who sleeps before 10 these days!? HAHA! I am also starting to feel uninspired and not-myself, but I guess that's okay! We all have these days!

Anyway, I want to share the few Korea In Manila experiences I have had the past weeks. Some I've already posted on our Instagram @KoreaInManila. Might be something that will interest you? Enjoy! ❤

With my bff Paul at Sibyullee, a fancy Korean restaurant in Pasig! It's too far from me so we took advantage and tried it when we had a Pasig event for Cole Haan. More on this below!

Shopping: XIMISO!

A new Korean-themed wasteland opens in my weekend mall Festival Mall, I am super ecstatic! I held on to my wallet as I entered Ximiso for the first time. As expected, I saw a bunch of beauty, home, and random stuff that you usually see in such stores like Mumuso and Miniso. I picked a few to try at home, and my favorites include the wide makeup brush and travel bottles!

Puffs for your foundation when you're like me who constantly washes her sponge, huhu (my kind of OC). 😅

Makeup brushes! I got the black full-face foundation brush for only Php 129, far left of second row, and use it everyday! 

Watches and bags for less than Php 500:

Looks like Ban-Ban!

Travel kit bottles! I got the empty ones so I can just refill them with my body wash and shampoo at home:

They have wooden hangers:

 Php 159 bento boxes:

Eye and Eyebrow pencils ala K Palette:

Body wash, lotion, etc:

Cute packaging!

Beauty: Pure Beauty Urban Shield Line!

Say hello to another Korean skincare brand, fit for Filipinas like me who are commuters and always on the go! Watsons Philippines just released Pure Beauty's Urban Shield Line, a very special, anti-pollution range that's inspired by nature and infused with antioxidant powers of POMEGRANATE. The Pure Beauty Urban Shield Line is created not only to nourish but also to PROTECT your skin from damaging elements like the intense sun and the city's pollution. Need.

Here are the 8 products I am excited to try tonight! By the way, you can also start with these if you're thinking of going for the 10-Step Korean Skincare.

Facial Wipes - Removes all makeup, pollutants, and excess oil.

Clarifying Foaming Cleanser - Purifies skin, removes traces of pollution, restores hydration, reinforces skin barrier.

Clarifying Toner - Rinses all traces of dirt and pollution without drying the skin, helps protect skin by strengthening its natural barrier, and makes skin supple and glowing.

Reviving Serum - Repairs damaged skin, improves skin-tone, boost skin defenses.

Recharging Cream Mask - Revitalize, rehydrate, and restore luminosity to stressed skin, oil is removed.

Reviving Eye Gel - Revives and protects this delicate skin, soothes fine lines, and combats signs of ageing.

Protective Day Lotion SPF 20 - Hydrates skin, and protects it from harmful effects of city living.

Renewal Night Cream - Helps enhance skin's elasticity, evens tone, and improves skin's resilience and radiance as you sleep.

Food: Sibyullee!

Why am I looking at food photos at this hour!!?? 😩 I first heard about Sibyullee on Facebook, when I saw their sponsored posts. There are so many Korean restaurants in the country, but I feel that theirs stood out because: They serve a wide variety of the street foods found in Myeongdong, and because they are street foods but served with a fancy plating! Really interesting.

Verdict: Will go back for the Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice! Also enjoyed the unlimited side dishes, though ang bilis tumigas nun cheese dip but baka dapat in-on nalang namin yun fire. Price wise, I thought it was a bit expensive although considering the size, resto ambiance, and the service--it's actually worth it. Hope I can get back to try the other stuff on their menu (dolsot bibimbap, egg bread, tornado potatoes, cheese ramyeun, etc).

Dakgogi Cheese BBQ - Php 620

Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice - Php 499

Unli side dishes:

See Sibyullee's full menu with price HERE.

That's all for now! As always, Tweet me @anagon for your thoughts and suggestions! 😌❤
To more productive days, hopefully!!!

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