Nam Joo Hyuk Fan Meet Manila 2017 (With Videos) + The Feels Of A Former "Team Bahay"

Monday, September 25, 2017

IT'S NAM JOO HYUK!!!!! Is he looking at my camera???? 


First things first, here's my ....


I received several messages online since last night from people thanking me for Tweeting photos and posting IG Stories from my Nam Joo Hyuk Manila fan meet experience, calling themselves "Team Bahay". 

Now I realized why I am doing this full documentation other than recording things for myself, for the sake of having happy core memories I can solidly look back to in the future. I used to be a "Team Bahay" member and one distinct FOMO memory was when I was still in school and only have small allowance from my parents, when Mariah Carey announced that she's coming to the Philippines. I am a big fan of the diva during her R&B days (albeit the negative things said about her), so the night that I knew it's her show date here, I was watching her MTV marathon at home, in my room, wishing I was one with the crowd cheering together for our idol.

For the first Eraserheads reunion concert, I had no money for a ticket but still decided to go to the venue on the announced date of their epic temporary comeback as a band. I trooped to the open field at the Fort, and LISTENED to Alapaap, Ligaya, and other songs I grew up with while seated in my own "section" by the gutter near the VIP gates. I was also a former member of the "Team Labas". 

So when I post these things, please know that I am doing this for you. I know the feeling of missing out, because I've been there! So here are pictures and videos from my experiences during our oppa Nam Joo Hyuk's short but super sulit visit here in the Philippines for his "Private Stage: Close-Up Tour". 

To Team Bahays / Team Labas, I hope I captured enough of the fun and touching moments as if you were also there. Continue dreaming, and for sure I will see you inside the venues in the future.



So when they announced that Nam Joo Hyuk is coming to Manila, I am not sure where I was but the first thing I did was whip out my phone, go to my calendars to check, and gave out a huge "YES!!!" with matching fist pump because my Myanmar trip won't fall on the same date as his visit!

There were changes in ticket prices and release date, but I was decided on getting the VIP 1 Hi-Touch. To my dismay, soldout na siya agad when I reached the ticket counter in SM Aura during the release date. I waited and waited by the counter, when the lady at the cashier refreshed and saw in her screen TWO slots opened up in my target section! Print mo na ate! I said as I ran to the nearest ATM. MEANT TO BE TALAGA. 

My ticket AND printout, which the organizers required the last minute. I complied! 

Pre-Nam Joo Hyuk sleepover with my chingus Ava, Ashley, and Kookie in Cubao (near the venue). We have a Kdrama FB group for a few months now where we discuss our favorite shows or the ones we don't really like, indulge in K-idol chikas, etc. Throwing a mini K-Party the night before meeting my main oppa felt like the most perfect idea.

We had ramyeun, Samanco fish-shaped ice cream, and other Korean snacks while we played our Kdrama OST playlist and tried to stream our favorite Kim Bok Joo and NJH-Jisoo Bromance eps with the hotel's sloooow internet! Still a fun night!


On Nam Joo Hyuk Day, I was already at the venue by 1pm with my friend Kookie. There were several commotions regarding the lines and the printed queuing number. In the end, we should have stayed in our hotel and rested till around 4 or even 5pm, when they started letting guests in. To be fair, the management and the bouncers worked hard that day, although ang gulo lang talaga ng sistema even with the numbering system. When we were inside the venue, we still had around 1.5 hours till the start of the show. I sat on the floor coz VIP 1 is standing room only, just to rest after hours of standing in line outside in the heat. Internet was so bad so I just closed my eyes.

Ashley took this photo while she headed to her section at the balcony loge. Can you spot Kookie in orange?

They asked us to write our questions for oppa in post-it notes:

Ready si Ate! Sellers went around the lines selling NJH headbands, posters, fans, etc.

Back at the venue! When the crowd cheered extra loudly, and the lights started to dim, out of nowhere I suddenly felt a boost of energy! I stood on my feet, and thanked the heavens for making me 5'5 tall so I can see the stage even with all the camera phones up.

It was so hard to hear NJH's first song as the whole KIA Theater SCREAMED when oppa went onstage! (Including me!)

"Ang kinis nya!" "Ang pogi nya!" -- ang dami naming side comments, hahaha!

My first NJH encounter in a Kdrama was for Cheese in the Trap, but his role as Joon Hyung in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo ang nagpakilig talaga sakin ng bongga. My favorite is still the theme park episode when he granted all of Bok Joo's boyfriend wish list. To be honest, I loved the Kdrama not because of Joon Hyung but because of Kim Bok Joo, dahil super relate na relate talaga ako sa kaniya. But I can't deny that Joon Hyung is cute and loveable, especially since he liked Bok Joo not solely for her physical appearance. ❤

When I watched Joo Hyuk's Celebrity Bromance reality show guesting with Jisoo, I told my Kdrama Club friends that I love him na as a person, hahaha! My main oppa then was Park Hyung Sik because of his role as Min Min, but I really like Joo Hyuk as a person LOL. To answer one of the questions during his fan meet Q&As, I think his charm is not only his height or abs or smile... But his personality. ❤ Sobrang bet ko humor niya and even when he talks about serious things, parang ang sarap niyang maging boy friend! LOL! Anyway, watch his Bromance episodes if you haven't to know what I'm talking about! 

Oppa Joo Hyuk took his time to answer the question "What is your charm?" His answer was his height.

This "labas dila" expression though! Hahaha!

I know we will always be Joon Hyung-Bok Joo fans, more than half of KIA Theater will let out ear-splitting screams whenever they flash WFKBJ scenes on the LED screen, but I love Habaek too! Support support lang whatever roles our oppa portrays coz he worked so hard for all of them. #LikeAGirlfriend lol

He brought his pogi  Habaek suit:

May pa-kiss! They gave away the Bride of Habaek stuffed toy and mugs via raffle, sayang di ako nanalo huhu!

Ang daming joke time moments, kyeopta oppa!

Ang fun din ng cooking segment where Nam Joo Hyuk created a Kimbap with ingredients based on winning or losing several challenges. In the end, he had his Manager-nim eat the wasabi-loaded kimbap, akkk!

Crowd went wild (again)! Super nadali-an sya sa 30 push-ups for 30 seconds!

NJH also reenacted sweet scenes from Bride of Habaek with several fans, ang suswerteeee ng may pa-hug and photo op after!!

Competitive Joo Hyuk was able to ace the Bottle Spin Challenge! Nakakatawa yung expression nya when he won!

Just before his closing song, they surprised NJH with a Filipino fan-made video, which ended with his favorite Coldplay song "Yellow" while showing photos of fans holding up sweet messages on the screen. Earlier during the Q&A, he was asked to sing his favorite Coldplay song, but only went with "Yerroooow", haha! He promised to prepare next time, technically promising he's going back to Manila! Yey!

Imagine his face when the Pinoy crowd sang his favorite song in unison, while touching messages flashed on the screen. Hala affected ako, haha!

NJH faced us teary eyed and sincerely grateful! Awwww.

Finale song before they ended the show, huhuhu.

It felt fast, but 1.5 hours already passed by. Didn't want the night to end!!!

In this day and age of intense photo sharing, "no Instagram post, did not happened", I decided to go for VIP Hi-Touch versus the Group Photo option (both have same price and area, but with different benefits). They were so strict with the no phones and cams policy for Hi-Touch ticket holders, so hindi nako syempre nag attempt mag pasaway. Now I have no evidence that I met my main oppa, but I do have a memory of...

Walking slowly for my turn for the less than 10 sec hi-touch. I was already holding up my finger hearts as I approached oppa, who was already looking at me! I reached for his hand, and whimpered "Saranghae Oppa!" as he looked at me with his usual pursed-lip child-like smile.

What I saw while walking to oppa, nyahahaha:

Wahahaha! I sort of Tweeted those lines right after my moment to keep the memory forever!!!!

Walang hugasan ng kamay with Kookie after the hi-touch, wahaha!

I know, no matter how long this post is, photos and words are not enough. So here's my video compilation from last night's encounter with my main oppa. ❤

In his letter to his fans, Nam Joo Hyuk mentioned something like "thank you for loving the imperfect me". I am inspired by Korean idols who remain so humble, trying so hard to reach out to their fans despite their status. I think I'll end this extra long post with that lesson: to keep reaching high for your dreams but remain grounded. Thank you oppa for the reminder!

It's another happy night for this fan girl. 😌💛


  1. love you for this, miss ana! it hurts so bad minsan, pero this post makes our hearts full. we're gonna be ok! lols.
    thank you so much.. saranghae!!! 😘 - isang taga team bahay 🏠

  2. You are so amazing, hulog ka ng langit. Thank you Ana for sharing this to #TeamBahay people (like me), Godbless you.

  3. Ahhh, what a heartfelt account of the fan-meet. Not really a die-hard fan of NJH but the guy won me over in WFKBJ... ibang klase yung character ni Joon-hyung dun. Hehe! Sana I'll get to attend a fan-meet rin one of these days.

    1. Thank you!! Worked hard for this post!! And yes, now that I think of it, Joon Hyung is so loveable talaga. <3

  4. Yaaay! I've been waiting for this. Thanks for this Ana. OMG. Nakakakilig at nakakaloka. Para na rin akong naka-attend ng fan meet while reading and watching this. Hihi. I first saw NJH in WFKBJ and loved his character so much because napaka-genuine and he didn't change Bok Joo but loved her for who she was. That and I'm a sucker for best friends falling for each other. I liked him in School 2015 too kahit si Sung Jae yung bet ko for Eun Bi dun.

    PS: Have you washed your hand since? LOL.

    1. I agree with the genuine love!! Will watch School 2015 soon :)

  5. anaaaaa sobrang nakakaiyak this blog post. i super love him and bok joo <3 so happy for you gals! <3

    1. Awww thanks Banisaaaa! :) Experience is core memory level 100! <3

  6. Grabe naman ms Ana!, nakakaiyak ung blog mo haha! damang dama ko! feeling nakapunta na rin sa fan meet ni oppa NJH :'(
    nakakatawa! while watching your video, napapasigaw na rin ako! wahahahaha! So many things to say but thank you so much for sharing your experience.
    Love you Anagon!

    1. Thank you for appreciating my efforts!! <3 Saranghae!!!

  7. Hi do you know the finale korean song? Badly super lss huhuh Thank you!

  8. Park Hyung Sik NEXT?! hahah excited for the next post!!! <3


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