#KayoRinPo, Kuya UBER!

Thursday, October 05, 2017

I can't imagine life without our hailing apps. I've never rode a taxi ever since! I felt safer whenever I am in an UBER, and hindi ako nakaka feel ng dyahe whenever I book long distance since I live in Alabang. Just this weekend, after our Baler trip, our final stop is in Genesis Cubao bus station. I was too tired to commute after the 6 or more hours on the road, so I decided to just UBER my way home. Price is a bit steep considering the distance and the toll fees, but very very convenient. I have no regrets spending a bit if it means having a restful ride. I asked my Kuya UBER if it's too far from him, and he replied assuringly, "Okay lang po ma'am! Yun ganyan nga po ang gusto namin!" I've never heard this from my taxi rides before!!! 

My heart goes out to all the kind UBER drivers we have here in the country. I am glad that UBER is very proactive and treats our drivers as human beings with their own stories. Recently, they launched a touching new video featuring three stories of our UBER drivers who have inspired us riders in so many ways. Marissa Fuster, the battered wife, who now drives UBER to support herself and her family. Angela Gina Go, Kidney Transplant Patient, who found a work in UBER where she has flexible hours and good income for her treatments. And Alvin Abella, and Ex-OFW and working student who sustains his new life back here in the country through UBER (in his school uniform!).

You can watch the video here:

From personal experience, I once rode an UBER where my driver politely offered his calling card, which shows a logo of a real estate company. He said that he's also selling condo units, along with his driving. He looks very young and even good looking, then he said that he's already a father and he is doing all these for his daughter. He even showed to me a photo of his baby in his phone! Aside from condo selling and driving, kuya said that he is also selling perfumes. 

"Kalalaking tao po noh, pero lahat gagawin ko para sa anak ko." 

One statement and barely an hour drive are enough to move me, saludo po ako sayo Kuya for taking responsibility for your child!

Thank you to all Kuya (and Ate) UBER for taking me safely to my destinations! May your personal stories inspire more people, and may you also reach your own dreams and destinations. I can't imagine life without UBER!


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