Leaving Seoul Too Soon! Last Day in Korea: Wax Museum of K-Idols + Pamper Sesh in Gangnam + Seoul Sky (DAY 3)

Thursday, December 07, 2017

My recent Korea trip with KTO is one of the shortest but packed trip I've been to this year. It's also one of the most memorable, experiencing Seoul again but this time with one of my closest blog friends Pax. I really appreciate these biglaan moments! I also finally saw Korea glimmering with reds and golds in its full autumn glory, something I've been Pinteresting since 2 years ago. Dreams really do come true! 

On our last day, we checked out of our hotel as soon as we went out so we don't have to go back again when we run for our night flight. Sched and our guides are all very efficient. It was my first time to see our hotel's reception area during the day, and it's so aesthetically pleasing. It's like entering a popular retro bar, I can almost imagine classic jazz and blues playing as our background music!

You can check out L7 Hotels in Myeongdong for your next trip to Seoul.

Grevin Museum

First stop is an indoor activity. I had no expectations going to a wax museum since I think I've been to one so many times during my past travels. But I realized that the Grevin Museum of Seoul is a bit different. They have interactive activities like a quiz classroom where the wax of Steve Jobs and Einstein are situated, and even a station where you can create a virtual wax version of yourself!

Of course, what makes Grevin different is that they also have wax figures of Korean celebs such as Park Shin Hye, G-Dragon, Psy, Kim Soo Hyun, and Lee Min Ho! If it gets too cold for an outdoor tour, you can check out this place for a few hours and take funny selfies with the "celebs"! You can get your discounted Grevin Museum passes online.

With my favorite artists of all time, Van Gogh and Lennon:

Be a little patient, the place is usually packed with tour groups:

You can pose side-by-side with the wax figures, hehe:

And even borrow their look! 😂

Some of them look incredibly real and freaky:

Who's the wax version? Who's real? Haha!

Hand imprints of Korean celebrities:

Hollywood or Hallyu?

With the Pope!

Staring game with my main oppa Lee Min Ho, haha:

Grevin Museum is located in 23, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul.
To commute, take the City Hall Station (Exit 5) and walk for 5 minutes, or the Euljiro 1-ga Station (Exit 1-1) and walk for 1 min

Dookki Tteokbokki Buffet + Dal.Komm Coffee

One of the meals I most enjoyed for this tour is at this buffet. Dookki Tteokbokki is located near Jonggak Station, and at the entrance you'll be greeted by a tarp that says a Korean show was shot here. When we got in, the staff were still preparing for lunch time and we were the only group inside the resto. You will see how everything's prepared fresh for the day.

They have so many sauces that you can mix in your soup, but we opted for the lesser spicy. Like a hotpot buffet, you'll get as much veggies, meats, and noodles at the buffet section, and even concoct the flavors of your soup. We were still full from breakfast, but I still availed a bowl of soup with mushrooms, and finish up the gooey cheese laid in our table. I think that's why I enjoyed this meal a lot, I get to choose my veggies!!

Right after the good meal, we chanced upon Kdrama's staple cafe Dal.Komm Coffee I think just right above or next to the resto. We all ordered our own post-meal drink (mine is brewed coffee), and I was able to finally buy my own black Dal.Komm mug which I am now using here at home for my daily caffeine fix.

They even have these Goblin doll and signed photo book near the counter:

Pamper Sesh in Seoul's High-End District Gangnam

Never in my wildest dream did I ever planned availing the beauty and wellness services of Korea because prices may be a bit steeper than my usual budget. But if we talk about quality of service, wala naman talaga akong masasabi!! Guaranteed superb naman talaga!

For gel nails, my group went to MDB Nails (Maison de Beaute). From the massage chairs down to the tools used to clip the skin around my nails, everything's hightech! For gel polish, service is also very fast. I also sported my nails from MDB till my 10-day Tokyo trip, and walang nag chip! 

The bus stopped in front of this high-end cinema in Gangnam. I tried watching a movie na in Korea at the Lotte Mall before, but maybe next time I have to give this a try!

Looking for MDB Nails... Super tahimik sa Gangnam. And ang gaganda ng storefronts and even the cars na dumadaan!

Inside MDB Nails:

They really love their seasons! I picked autumn-inspired gel nail colors:

Enjoying our massage chairs:

To find out more about MDB Nails, please do like them on FACEBOOK.

After the nails, we rushed to our next appointment which is a very posh spa located also in Gangnam. Looking at it from the outside, Sulwhasoo SPA Flagship Store is a glowing building of gold metal rods, crystals and glass! We were asked for either a facial or a body massage, but I picked the latter for extra comfort!

Sulwhasoo is actually popular for their skincare, especially their ginseng cream. It's nice to get pampered in a spa and at the same time experience their products. You can also try their wide product ranges in some of the floors, and hangout on their rooftop while drinking hot tea. We were there right before sunset, so the lighting on the rooftop was also perfect for our OOTDs haha!

This is one of the sections of the huge building where you can try Sulwhasoo makeup and skincare products:

Before our treatment, we were even allowed to choose which scent we prefer for our aromatherapy and massage:

Even the massage room looks so posh, but the best part is that the service matches all that has been said about the interiors!

Lounge area at the rooftop:

Sulwhasoo Spa is located in 18, Dosan-daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Dinner Buffet

When we went to Nature Kitchen, I knew it's almost our last stop for the trip. I was still full from the day's food, but I made a veggie bibimbap from one of the buffet's stations. I wasn't able to go around the food selections na after. Okay naman the meal, like the other restos we've been to for this trip, everything's clean and fresh. Thanks to our tour organizers for the well-chosen food places!

Seoul Sky Tower

I realized I've never been to a viewing deck in Korea. Unlike Tokyo's popular Tokyo Tower and Skytree, I can't think of one in Seoul unless it's Namsan. For our last stop on our last day in Seoul, our tour group went to Lotte World to see the beautiful city light up at night. Lotte World Tower is the world's FIFTH tallest building, and holds the highest glass-floored observatory in the world. Nakakalula at first, but it's nice to take photos from there and even spot some of Korea's landmark from above!

Which is which? Tried spotting some of Seoul's landmarks but it's harder coz it's already dark!

Just a few glimpse here and there, when I finally saw what I was looking for.. the Namsan tower. ❤

We were on the bus when our tour guide, who usually has so much to say, decided to turn off the lights so we can all sleep as we drive a few hours to the airport. Pax left already for her next hostel, and did not joined us na as she continues her Seoul adventures. Since there's nothing to do, I decided to close my eyes and effortlessly fell into deep sleep.

Like the other days, on cue with around 15 minutes till our next stop, Alice the tour guide opened the bus lights and her booming microphone. She whispered albeit a bit louder than intended that we are nearing our destination. This time though, it's not another tourist site, a pamper sesh, or a food place, but the airport to home. She was saying her thank yous and how glad she is to be with a group of girls that has similar interests as her (coffee after a meal, hehehe), when we passed by a bridge overlooking the city. I'm a bit teary-eyed! Haha! It was dark, but tiny lights made the scene so dreamy... Just like in Kdramas maybe?

There's still so much to see and do on my 5th time in this country that never gets old in my books. As with all goodbyes with South Korea my love, I'd prefer to say "Thank you, and see you later!" ❤

Watch my Day 3 Instagram Stories:

Special thanks to Korea Tourism OrganizationCebu Pacific Philippines and Korea, JG Summit Holdings Inc., and Stratworks Inc. for having me and taking care of us for the whole trip!

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