New Coffee Addiction: Key Coffee Drip-On from Japan

Saturday, March 24, 2018

I am a big coffee drinker. I usually consume a minimum of one mug per day at home after lunch. When it's a lazy day, I also drink another mug in the afternoon so I can write more blog posts or go to the gym energized. 

I buy Nescafe Gold for my instant coffee because it tastes so good and easier to prepare than brewing. One time, I was with my sister and her friend who is into natural coffee. She has with her a French Press which she brought even when we dined in Jollibee. She said she prefers her own beans because some fast food serves coffee that are already watered down so hindi na masarap. She offered me to try her coffee, and I was hooked! I bought my own paraphernalia online, and when they finally arrived, they were left in the kitchen and I haven't used them since.

Around last week, I received a pack of drip coffee on the mail. It came with the small cup and single serve pot, and of course a pack of Key Coffee Drip-On "Variety Pack". I immediately tried one after lunch, and was so so convinced I'll buy more of this in the coming days!

Key Coffee turns out to be the PIONEER when it comes to drip coffee. They are one of the leading coffee brands in Japan and are known for their DRIP ON product which is FRESH ROASTED BEANS housed in a handy-sized filter. 

Key Coffee Drip-On is definitely healthier than 3-in-1, and also a cheaper alternative to mainstream cafes! A pack of 10 Drip On costs Php 298 (or Php 29.80 per coffee), while the variety pack I got is for Php 410 (Php 34/coffee). You can check the other variants and prices in their website: I had my sister try the coffee and she loves it too! She said this is perfect for office girls like her, it tastes good and very convenient to bring.

I super enjoy the whole ceremony of making my Drip On coffee:

As a big coffee drinker, the small cup is not enough so I use two packs of Drip-On for my giant mug, hehe!

Here are the different Drip On variants. The also have ground beans and instant coffee in their site.

If you're interested to try Key Coffee, they are currently offering 10% off on their site! Just use the promo code KCDRIP10. For more info, follow their Instagram page @KeyCoffeePH. Spread the word to your coffee lover friends! 

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