What's in Your Kdrama OST Playlist? + Last Night's Sennheiser Sound Heroes Awarding!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

I am so sorry, but I've longtime lost most of my western songs to Kpop (specifically to Kdrama OSTs). 😅 Since I'll be traveling to Korea today, I am sharing here my list featuring some of my favorite songs on-repeat during flights!

Trying out this headset from leading German audio specialist Sennheiser during their Sound Heroes  event last March 20, 2018 at the Blackbird Nielsen Makati:
solo photo by @charlieshotme 

I need to have my music during plane rides. I don't know how else I can entertain myself after ordering meals and browsing through all the in-flight reading materials in front of me, so I just turn to music. Other than that, mellow songs instantly calm me down just when I am about to have flight anxieties. So here are just ten of my favorite Kdrama OSTs:

Wonder - Standing Egg

Starting it with a love song, I don't understand a thing from the pure Korean lyrics but the melody is just so swabe and relaxing. Perfect for take off!

Super Power Girl - Every Single Day

To hype things for the trip, I listen to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon's theme song! Girl power!

Beautiful  - Crush

Back to mellow, the perfect song when you just want to stare outside the plane window through the clouds and the city getting small and smaller. Beautiful Life indeed!

You & I - Kim Jong Wan

Another nakaka-inlove Kdrama OST, this time from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. So relaxing to listen the guitar chords and the voice of Kim Jong Wan.

Say Yes - Loco, Punch

Another hype-me song, just SAY YES to every new experiences in this trip!

For You - BTOB

Upbeat song that makes me want to wave my hands side-to-side, up in the air! Haha! BTOB to keep me excited!

Please Say Something, Even Though It Is A Lie - Park Boram

This song just makes me so emo!!!

It's You - Henry

Another stare-out-of-the-window song. So in love with this English song. "You're the right time at the right moment"... Listen to this after your trip as you look back on the good times. Haha!

Best Luck - Chen

Turns out to be a longing song, Best Luck also has this nice tune that makes me want to tap my fingers on the plane's foldable table to the beat of the song, haha! 

Everytime - Chen, Punch

Of course, ending this Kdrama playlist with another fun song from Descendants of the Sun! 

I still have more, but feel free to comment your favorites too so I can add them on my playlist! ❤

So last night, the Sennheiser Sound Heroes has finally concluded with an awarding. Out of their 12 brand ambassadors from music to showbiz to social media industries, they only chose TWO winners who will be joining the team to an all-expense paid trip to GERMANY... And one of them is my friend and Tokyo buddy Deegee Razon! Woot, I knew it! 

The 12 Sennheiser Sound Heroes:

They based their choice on the engagement and how well the ambassador documented their audio experience from November 2017 to February 2018. Along with Deegee, musician and radio DJ Dannie Farmer will also fly to Germany to the Sennheiser HQ!

"The Sennheiser Sound Heroes 2017 is a unique project that has been a tremendous success for us. 55 million impressions and almost 750,000 social media engagements in the past four months have taught us valuable things about the local community, helping us deliver better products to IMPROVE THE LISTENING EXPERIENCE for those with the passion for audio, " said Martin Low, Managing Director of Sennheiser Asia.

Sennheiser is available in the Philippines through these authorized retailers: Sennheiser Official Store on Lazada, Powermac Center, Egghead Audiohub, The Listening Room, RC Goldline, The A Shop, Techwarez, SM Appliance, Gadgets in Style, Classic Hi-Fi Audio, Digistore, Soundroom, Ambassador Appliances, Western Marketing, PC Express, E-Phone, E-Tab, E-Phone Plus, Samsung Gateway, Samsung Bridgeway, Odyssey Next, The White Box, and Gizmo Central.

For more information, follow Sennheiser Philippines on Facebook!
Enjoy Germany, Deegee!!!

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  1. We have the same playlist!! OMO!! almost the same. Say Yes is my favorite. <3

    Eto pa mga fave ko
    Bacause of you by Park Hyun Sik
    Heart beat - Suran
    Confession - Park Si Jin
    From now on - Kim Min Seung.
    No Sleep - Soyou <3


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