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Friday, June 29, 2018

This post is dedicated to all fresh graduates who are still looking for their first job... Especially those who've been going in and out of company buildings for interviews and exams for months now.

Young and hopeful! Grad-WAITING stage, look at my ID burado na! Hahaha!

During my time, when we were about to graduate with a degree in a good college, some of my peers got their first job interview, or "a call" for an instant job, or their acceptance letter for law school. As for my case, my whole four years in the university were dedicated to getting involved in extra curricular activities "para pampabango ng resume". But when I graduated--I counted weeks and months with zero calls. I was also part of the generation where job hunt is not purely done online. We also did walk ins with our printed resumes wearing old-style slacks and stiff blazers borrowed from our older cousins or our parents. We took risks and lined up in job fairs. It was all manual labor, and Netopia, MRT and jeep were my bffs.

One of the happiest days in my life, finally graduating from school! Didn't realized it was just the beginning....

Uso pa noon ang ganyang slacks! Haha.

I started with just emailing my dream companies, and then eventually felt na bawal na maging choosy, I also sent my resume even to never-heard-of companies as long as they are looking for writers. I started getting interview schedules but palaging may sablay. It's either the office is too far, the writing assignments weren't really at par with my values, or they just don't like me for the company! Haha! 

Here are some job interview nightmares that I had to go through:

For a university's PR as writer:

Interviewer: Why do you want this job?
Me: I love to write...
Interviewer: You love writing? It sucks!

For an online gambling website:

Interviewer: You have so much things written on your resume, but why do you still want to enter our gambling company?
Me: ......

A lot of times, these words only caused me anxieties and hopelessness. I felt I wasn't good enough that's why no one's taking me. One time I decided to just stop looking, and started appreciating what I have been doing all along. A friend even said to me: Sila ang malas! They didn't get you! Huhu, true friend! 

On the side while looking for a job, I was also doing Anagon Collection. It was my college online shop where I sell accessories that I made myself. That time, wala pang ganyan masyado. Relatives didn't see it as real work that will generate income and I was always embarrassed during family reunions when they find out I still don't "work" as in in an office with a boss. But there's no denying it, it's also where I get my daily income to go to interviews since baon from the parents totally STOPPED since I graduated. Now ang dami nang "home-based businesses" and people who proudly earn online.

I continued selling online and joining bazaars:

I also did not stopped writing! Here's an old photo with Krissy when we attended writing workshops!

Photo during the very very first Bloggers United!

I am not sure if I will still be where I am today if not for all the heartbreaks that came from that stage in my life where no one wants me. I continued writing on my blog while I earn from my online shop, and eventually that was where I also met one of my long time blog friends Pax or Aisa Ipac who was then my buyer! We joined same bazaar in I think it was Pasig, we became friends, commented on each others' blog posts, then she will recommend me to brands looking for bloggers so we go to same events, and the rest as they say is history. Now I am a full time blogger, and I don't think I want to have it any other way.


For both fresh graduates and new job seekers, check out Wake Manila Job Convention, a fun and fresh take on traditional job fairs happening this July 6 to 7, 10am to 6pm at the SMX Convention Center Function Room 3 in Pasay City. They also have full slate of talks on various topics during the JobCon, stand-up comedy and acoustic performances, and a chance to win overnight stay for two at Savoy Hotel Manila during the raffle! They're making work not feel like work!

Attendees can pre-register at or during the event itself for free!


Last week, I went to the Aquafina #BestBeginsNow event in Glorietta Makati Activity Center featuring celebrities in their own rights: beauty queens Pia Wurtzbach and Michelle Gumabaom, designer Francis Libiran joined by Jonas Gaffud and Albert Kurniawan, Hey Handsome chef Nicco Santos and food stylist Chichi Tullao, and Hosts Sam YG and Suzy Gamboa. Aside from the program, they also had workshops on Beauty, Content Creation, and Hosting. 

During the stage segment, these celebrities brought back my job hunt memories! I think it's because everyone on stage, even the ones who are already so accomplished, had their ZERO TO HERO stories. In the end, they talked about their pledges and majority of these celebs promised that they will be giving back to the young ones who are also dreaming of excelling in their respective fields (businesses, beauty pageants). This made me realize all the things I went through before.

“Becoming your best starts with small steps. We understand it takes hard work and commitment to get there so we want to help inspire people to start living the best version of themselves,” said Aquafina Brand Manager Melai Lazaro-Javier. She added, “we believe delaying is not an option because your best begins now”. 

And so before ending this post, I am leaving here a few words from someone who wasn't handed the silver spoon and have to work hard for what I have now:

Whatever stage you are in life now, please keep in mind that you are there for a reason or for a lesson. Do not be disheartened, if it's for you it will happen. If not, there's something better out there just for you. The important thing is to not stay stagnant, keep moving! Do something! If job hunt doesn't work for you and you've been stuck there for a while, either continue hustling 10x more or look for another track that will give you fulfilment. The right thing will come along I promise! Just keep the faith, this stage in your life will not be forever, and remember that you are much better than you think so take rejections lightly! I am not an achiever, but I will always be a hard worker.

So keep your end goal in mind, but never ever forget to enjoy the tedious process to get there. The journey really is the destination!

As my fresh grad self will always write in her journal, I will share this to you: 

You are meant to be great.

Me, back in college, posing for my new blog profile photo! Haha! I've always wanted to become a writer. :)

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  1. Thank you for this! Very timely for me as a fresh graduate who is currently looking for my first job. I just had my first phone call interview yesterday and I'm hoping for the best. *fingers crossed*

  2. Oh my gawd! The last paragraph made me cry. Thank you for this very inspiring blog. Always be your number 1 fan.

  3. Omg! I can relate to this!! I end up in a job that i didn't like bec I was rejected when I apply for my dream job. Recently, I resigned and decided to pursue my career as a freelance writer and full time blogger ❤️

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