Lee Jong Suk in Manila!

Friday, December 21, 2018

This year has been crazy for this Kdrama fan girl. Even though I am on a temporary 5am-Club break, I had experienced the most unbelievable thing for a person who looks up to K Idols, and that's to see them in the flesh!

If you know about Korea's celebrity status, sobrang strict nila and you won't just see them in the mall or the streets unlike here in the Philippines or for Hollywood stars. But the lines are blurring because of these organized fan meetings, and I am grateful that out of the thousands of cities in this world--these Korean stars chose Manila as one of their stops (keep them comiiing!).

One of the unexpected K stars who visited Manila year is Lee Jong Suk. I first watched him in W Two Worlds, but the drama that really made it to my forever Top 5 is While You Were Sleeping. I've said this a million times over and I'll say it again, it's the Kdrama na napapalakpak talaga ako every end of an episode. I love the suspense of the storyline, and of course, Jong Suk and Suzy Bae were really A+++ actors in this series!

Months late but let me share to you some highlights of the LJS fan meet below. I also included a video compilation! Enjoy, fellow fan girls, and my 2019 wish is for every Korean fans to see their favorite Korean stars in the flesh!

The event was held at the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao. We entered a bit late since we have seat numbers naman, so we saw how packed the venue was. I've been to fan meetings held in KIA Theater or SM Skydome, but Lee Jong Suk can fill up one of the top concert venues of Manila!

Annyeong! With my ticket giveaway winner Jazmin, and my friends and fellow fanneys Pax and Ava. It's my first time as a media partner for a fan meeting, and I am very very grateful for this! You know that I will spend, and how much I've spent for tickets just to see my favorite Korean actors in the past! Haha! So it felt like winning the lottery to me when I received this project! THANK YOU!

Lee Jong Suk's 2018 fan meeting is titled Crank Up. The official partner for the Manila leg is Pulp Live World, and everyone and everything's organized for me so I have to give them credits for that!! If we want to see more of our Korean idols here in the country, dapat happy sila sa turnout: successful, fun, and still peaceful!

They showed adorbs photos of Lee Jong Suk through the years:

Giselle Sanchez was the host that night, and di ko ineexpect coz usually it's either Sam Oh or VJ Sunny. Just learned also that night that actress Giselle is a BIG fan of Jong Suk, and sobrang funny nya kiligin in between her hosting! Deserve na deserve nya, we were all entertained by her antics and spontaneous spiels!

Meanwhile, LJS is very G in person, as in he sees everyone! When Giselle stomps her feet, he will jokingly do the same. When fans wave at him, you will see this hilarious Korean actor wave back with his arms up in the air for everyone to see! Haha!

There are different segments in this fan meet, like this Q&A:

A part where we get to look back on his past roles in Kdramas:

And lucky fans participation!!!

The screaming fans, hahaha!

He also had a segment where he sang and played the piano. There will be a few off-key parts, where Jong Suk will just laugh at and carry on.. Or even repeat the whole thing from the start! Sobrang real nya and funny, that you will love him more!

As with any fan meets, Crank Up ended with photo ops before everyone left for the limited hi-touch:

Alam nyo sobrang nafeel ko na patawa sya as a person, and very sincere. Not to compare to other fan meetings I've been to but hindi nya need ng script for his message to his fans, and even the presentation made by his Filipino fans club they showed ng hindi sya naka harap so we don't need to see his reactions (baka mapressure pa sya maiyak haha). I love how he values his craft and his fans. And I will forever remember what he said before leaving the stage that night:

"You guys are my pride."

We left Araneta with big smiles on our faces, thank you Lee Jong Suk!!!

Watch my videos from that night here:

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