No Place To Hold Your Holiday Parties And Get-Togethers? Check out Zen Rooms!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Last weekend, I had a staycation with Zen Rooms at the fancy Gramercy Residences, a luxe condominium in Makati right next to the Century Malls. My goal is to book for a spacious room to accommodate the annual Christmas party with my blog friends, and I think this place is perfect for such gatherings!

Here are my 5 reasons why booking for The Gramercy Residences with Zen Rooms is worth it:

1) It has two floors, with the whole ground floor for the party area (you can bring extra seats for your guests, or like our group--we just sat on the floor! Haha!). Second floor has the bed and toilet so it remains clean even after the whole hullabaloo of the party!

2) They have complete kitchen amenities that most hotel rooms don't offer. These include a microwave, a big ref (to fit ALL your food and drinks, unlike hotel rooms' tiny ref), pans and rice cooker, and the usual plates, mugs, utensils, etc. It's a place that's ready for a staycation and for a party!

3) The mall is so accessible! As in you can enter Century Mall without leaving the building by just going to the second floor. Ava and I went to the grocery before everyone else arrived to buy last minute party essentials like water, napkins, etc.

4) You get so much more for what you pay for! On my last family parties, we usually book for hotel rooms which costs us Php 5000 and above, but this Zen Room is only Php 3,800!

5) We weren't able to avail this, but they also have a gym and pool in the building that you can avail! Plus their security is very strict, to some it might be a hassle but to me this is a plus since I'll be staying alone in the room after the party.

So here's how our One Bedroom Loft looks like. It is very well-designed and very spacious!

It has a pantry where you can cook on the stove, heat with the microwave, and store water and food inside the big ref. It's like having your own condo for the weekend!

They have everything you need inside the cabinets and drawers, from water heater, mugs and glasses, plates, utensils, pans, knives, and rice cooker.

TV with speakers:

Landline and wifi unit (password just placed in front so no need to inquire):

Balcony for the smokers:

And a second floor where the bed and bathroom are located. Ang laki noh!!!

They provided a pair of towels, toothbrush, and small soaps, plus a tube of shampoo:

Robes and hangers inside the closet:

And with that, sharing some of our million pictures from the party! Haha! We had so many games that night, I got messages the next day that most of my friends lost their voices sa kakatawa, haha! Lovet!!

A big thank you also for all these noms we enjoyed that night! >>> Big Guys Pizza for the 36" humongous pizza, Tokyo Tokyo, Red Ribbon Bakeshop for all the pastries, and Kumori.

Can you imagine how we took these group photos without a tripod and everyone's still in the pictures? Hahaha!

You can book this room at
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Special thanks to @zenroomsglobal for having us!

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