Gift To Me From Me (Gift Ideas For Yo Self This Christmas!)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The past days had been extra hectic that I can't wait to actually rest which means Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for me, haha! By being hardworking or for simply surviving another year, I think we all deserve a treat or two even if its means the present comes from no other than ourselves! Haha!

Here are some gift ideas that's best wrapped and sealed for you from you. 😁💛

1) 2 Hours of Disconnect at Saltwater Float Center

Spa time is the perfect Me-Time in my books, and I think my first experience at the Saltwater Float Center gave "disconnect" and alone time a whole new meaning!

At the Saltwater Float Center, you have to go solo inside a pod half-filled with Epsom Salt. The concept is comparable to the Dead Sea where you will automatically float because of the high salt content of the water. You can stay there for 2 hours max, there will be indication (announcement inside the pod) if your session is over so you don't have to bring your watch or phone inside.

Floating on saltwater has so many health benefits. It will improve blood circulation, reduce high blood pressure, and is very good for the skin and joints.

As for me, it's a great quiet time and a good reason for me not to use my phone for a few hours since I am floating, and where I can clear my mind and think of my plans in life--or even take a nap! Haha! The 1.5 hours went by so fast!

You will have a small solo room containing your pod, shower area, and other essentials including bottled water, slippers, fresh water when saltwater goes into your eyes, ear plugs, a towel, and head floater. You don't have to leave your room unless you have to go to the toilet or to dry your hair at the end of your session!

This is the separate area for toilet and vanity (including hair dryer, lotion, powder, mouth wash, etc):

And here are the rates:

Saltwater Float Center is located at The Sapphire Bloc, Garnet Road, Ortigas Center Pasig City.
Follow @saltwaterfloatcenter on Instagram for more information and updates!

2) Make Your Nightly Personal Care Routine More Extra

The only time I get to spoil myself these days is at night before bed when I am doing my skincare routine. Aside from my favorite multi-step for the face, it's also important for me to take care of my whole body by hydrating it using products that will keep it moisturized like Jergens (Ultra Healing, Age Defying, Daily Moisture, or the Original Beauty variant).

To make personal care routine even more extra, try using a cool jade roller to help drive moisturizer deep into your skin and increase absorption rate. You can use it on your face, or even for your arms and legs--instant massage!

When your skin is finally prepped and moisturized, don't forget to slip into a satin robe to prevent friction on your skin. 

3) How About A New Scent For The New Year?

As much as I have favoritism with my perfume, there will still come a time when I am so used to the smell that I want to finally change it and search for a brand new scent. Since everything constantly changes, discovering the scent that will match what's my current personality, style, and taste always uplifts the mood a notch! It may sound OA, but I feel more me every time I find it! Haha!

And with that, you have to take a whiff of the new VV and Co. perfume! I just received mine in Verniece, and honestly have no expectations, but it then I tried it and it smells soooo good! It reminds me of an elegant woman, or when you enter a luxury store! I'll use this in the coming days for sure.

Follow @vvandcoph on Instagram for more updates, and to order!

4) Time For A New Phone?

If you're looking into buying a new phone but you're on a budget, then I have a suggestion! Check out the new phone brand RealMe bravely penetrating this saturated market. But with the good price point and features of the RealMe C1, who can say no to a new, sleek phone before the year ends!? Even Deegee Razon uses it!

Main Features of the RealMe C1:

- Big 6.2" Notch Screen
- Long lasting 4230mAh Battery
- Dual Rear Camera
- Stylish body and trendy design
- Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Octo-Core Processor
- Corning Gorilla Glass Protection

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What are you going to give to your self this Christmas?? 😀😄

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