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Saturday, April 06, 2019

As a contact lens wearer, it has been years since the last time I replaced my eyeglasses. I am guilty of the mindset that I'd rather spend on my monthly (or 3-month) contact lenses, and make do with the specs that I only wear at home anyway. 

The downside of this is that I also got stuck with the eye grade I was used to since I was in Grade 5! I am not sure if it's the cause of my headaches, but I think my recent visit to an optical shop that carries fashionable eyewear and also encourages eye check-up in Alabang Town Center is very timely. 

AOJO (pronounced as O-JO) is an optical shop from Hong Kong that carries trendy eyewear from prescription eyeglasses to sunglasses. They have different shapes that I am really into right now, like rounds and hexagons, and frame materials like metals and plastic. 

Let me show you around their shop in Alabang Town Center:

Price range for their basic eyeglasses is from Php 1990 to 4990. 
Here are some of my favorites:


Round and oversized frames:

Bendable frames:

Hexagonal frames:

Tortoise plastic frames:

They have additional rates for add-ons:

And they have unique sunglasses styles too:

They also sell eyeglasses accessories, like this anti-skid tip:

What I like about AOJO is that they promote eye care above fashion. Their advocacy is eye health and the importance of early detection to prevent blindness!! They have a doctor in the store to check your eyes, and get your accurate grade and measurements for your specs. They will also be thorough in explaining the different lenses and upgrades that they offer in the store. 

Tumaas na pala ng konti yung grado ko and had minor astigmatism (whew). It's a good thing that I had my eyes checked! Will try to do this more regularly.

My mom talking to AOJO's resident eye doctor. She used to have 20/20 vision, but since she reached her 50s she needed reading glasses nadin.

A demo on how digital+ lenses protect the eyes from harmful UVs:

My final picks, two sunglasses for my summer travels, and a new everyday round eyeglasses with my updated eye prescription! 

Now here are some things to consider when buying a new eyeglasses: 

1) You will always read fashion tips on the right eyewear shape, color, and size for your face, but to me, if it's comfortable to you, if it's your personal style, and it does its job, then go for it!

2) Make sure it fits well. Since we all have unique face shape and size, AOJO makes sure they adjust their existing frames to what is comfortable to the wearer.

3) Consider the weight, especially when you'll wear it everyday! I realized that I got eyeglasses marks on my nose bridge because of wearing heavy frames. 

4) Update your prescription. Have your eyes examined at least every 2 years.

5) Although expensive, some add-ons might be necessary! Figure out exactly what you need and what will fit your lifestyle. I made sure to get the Digital+ lenses from AOJO since my work entails me to be on my phone and laptop almost the whole day.

So happy with my new stylish prescription eyeglasses! Now I don't have to wear my contact lenses every time I go out.

AOJO is located in Alabang Town Center, SM North EDSA, SM Southmall, Ayala Mall Cloverleaf, Southwoods Mall, Ayala Mall Centrio, SM City Seaside Cebu. 

For more information, visit AOJO Philippines on Facebook and @AojoPH on Instagram.


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