How To Repeat Your Clothes

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Sometimes, social media will make us want to wear new clothes to have different daily outfit posts. I think this is problematic because we tend to: 

1) Buy more clothes (usually at fast fashion stores) which is not good for the environment. 

2) We also lose our creativity when we just wear our new clothes every time we go out.

Repeating your outfits is okay, but I think the best trick is to repeat your old pieces of clothing and make them look as if they're new! How? By styling them DIFFERENTLY! Here are some simple fashion formulas I've been using:

1) Wear your long sleeves polo as skirt.

2) Wear your dress as top. If it's a button-down dress or polo, you can also wear it as cover-up.

3) Wear sleeves over a shirt. You can also play with shapes by wearing sleeveless top over a unique sleeved top like balloon sleeves, etc.

4) Or simply by wearing the same piece of clothing with something else! (Same top with skirt, pants, shorts, etc.)

What's your favorite outfit-repeating trick? Make sure to also keep your clothes looking new or it will defeat the purpose! Comfort Philippines restores that "love at first wear feeling" by giving your clothes the fabric color, feel, and shape care that they need. ❤


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