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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Here's something I realized: I always find myself back in Cebu at least once a year. 

One time, I was there with my family for a cousin's wedding. He married a Cebuana. If I remember it correctly, the whole clan was checked-in at the Quest Hotel where our new cousin-in-law used to work so we got good discounts. On that trip, I also remember going to Cebu's Abaca bakery for the first time with Cea, and then spontaneously hailing a cab to the Crown Regency to try their infamous sky ride! πŸ˜„

Another time, I went to Cebu solo flight to give a talk on travel hacks for an insurance company. I also went there for (not in particular order) a food crawl, a Vios cup, a Miss Universe coverage work stint in JPark Resort, the launch of the new airport, and of course for Sinulog!

I also had a Cebu trip where I celebrated my birthday away from home for the first time. My friends and I had a fancy dinner, and then later on got drunk with red wine in La Maison Rose!

I am not sure what's with the sunny south, but it keeps calling me back. I usually plan my destinations, but with Cebu, everything's coincidental. It almost feels like I'm just heading home.

D A Y 1 : Hello Cebu!

For 2019 Cebu, I was invited by a group of Cebu Bloggers for Influencity. First of all, a big thank you to the organizers Jean, Marco, and Doyzkie of Clover Creatives PR & Events for having me! Last year they had David and Vina, so I am still not sure why my name was even brought up in the lineup--akk! Grateful every time these things happen to me! 

We arrived at the Mactan–Cebu International Airport via Cebu Pacific Air. Marco was the one who welcomed us. I had a huge yellow luggage with me ("pang States") with all my paninda which they merrily pulled away from me to the van (thank you!). We all went straight to the hotel for a quick check-in and touch-ups before meeting with the rest of the group.

Hello again Quest Hotel Cebu, with my roomie Ava! I think it's my 3rd time here, and it's still one of the accommodations I will recommend for your Cebu City trip, just because of its distance to the mall and the buffet breakfast selections. 😁 

Our home for three nights. Definitely a comfortable stay!

We went down to have our late lunch at the Ayala Center Cebu. This mall looks like a combination of Trinoma, Greenbelt, and even Ayala The 30th! 😁

First meal in the city: Casa Verde! They are a Cebu-based, family-owned, American-style casual dining resto famous for their HUGE versions of burger, milk shake, etc! Everything's good, but as always, I love the desserts the most!

Hindi lang pala Manila, they also flew in blogger guests from Iloilo (Nana), Davao (Jeff), and Gen San (Michael)! 

Prior this trip, I created a list of things to do with Ava on our free time, but our Cebu friends promised us that they'll take us to the other sites on our last day--so yey! We just spent day 1 chilling in a cafe, and then accomplishing last minute mall errands prior the bazaar.

Since Ava is a Gong Yoo fan, I brought her to Cebu's version of Coffee Prince. When I went here before, I had the Kimchi Fried Rice, but since we just had lunch, I just settled for iced coffee. 

Hindi ko naalala na may Murakami art wall installation dito before! Cute!

Inside, almost panay students ang diners. Nakaka bata! Hehe!

Halasha. πŸ˜‚

Coffee Prince is located in 0246 OsmeΓ±a Blvd, Cebu City
We just took a Grab from Ayala Center Cebu. 

D A Y 2 : Bazaarista!

Grabe ang tagal na since the last time I manned a booth in a bazaar. To think, this has been my life for the longest time!

I used to join any bazaar when I was still a full time online shop seller. Cuenca in Alabang, CandyMag Fairs, school fairs, you name it! But there was a time when I stopped joining these gigs altogether, and only sell during Bloggers United. But even for BU, since I have a full plate behind-the-scenes, my mom took charge nadin of my selling booth.

Technically, joining the Influencity brought back a lot of my good memories as a former bazaarista!

Ganda ng set-up nila!

My booth + my first buyers! Annyeong!

Ang ganda pa ng location! We were at the Ayala Center Cebu's Activity Center. There's no entrance fee so people just come and go at our booths the whole day. Also, I would like to commend Influencity for providing us with trustworthy interns who assisted us in our booths whenever we want to take a break (or shop a little, haha)!

They have their tarp with our faces all-over the Ayala Center! πŸ˜€

Thank you, also, Coffee Bean for our daily caffeine supply, and Pancake House + Teriyaki Boy for our meals! 

D A Y 3: Round 2, fight!

But first, coffee!

It was easier to set-up for Day 2 since our luggages were already in the venue, plus medyo gamay nadin the look of our booth. I'd also like to think mas lesser nadin kasi ang paninda namin? Haha!

More friends came during day 2! Yey!

There were a lot of stage happenings during the whole event, and one time pinaakyat pa kaming lahat na bloggers haha! They asked us for travel tips, and since we're around 18 bloggers and naubusan na ako ng valuable tip ang nasabi ko lang is to try the guesthouse life!

We caught Marco's travel photography talk while we were on our way to Sunnies! Haha.

Earning extra money is good, decluttering and getting rid of some of my stuff is good, but the bestest part for me about this Influencity event is meeting fellow bloggers from Cebu AND online chingus who are Cebu-based! Thank you for coming through and saying hi to me! Minsan inimagine ko na nanay ko lang talaga ang nag babasa sa blogs ko or nanonood ng IG Stories ko sa Korea hahaha!

D A Y 4: A quick road-trip before home!

Alam nyo maiintindihan ko talaga if hindi kami matuloy sa gameplan for our last day because for sure everyone's tired from the bazaar, but promises were kept! On our last day, before our flight back to Manila, Doyz, Jean, and Marco brought us to Sirao Flower Gardens and La Vie in the Sky for a little sight-seeing! ❤

Bye bye room in Quest Hotel! Till the next time!!!

Road-trip ready!

Sirao is less than an hour from the city, but still a long drive. I remember taking a taxi alone on my first visit--it costed me around Php 2000 for a transpo package from my hotel to Sirao, Temple of Leah, Taoist Temple, and back in my hotel. Pwede na, super worth it!

Heading back after around 2 or 3 years, ang dami nadin nag bago. Sirao is almost unrecognizable to me with its new "attractions" like the giant hands, a golden buddha, windmill, etc. Weather was also better the second time around, it was raining when I first visited.

Dati Little Amsterdam lang sya, ngayon pwede nading Little Bali or even Little Chungshe Flower Garden (Taiwan). Hehe!

Along the way from Sirao back to our hotel, La Vie In The Sky is a nice stopover c/o of our Cebu friends! Ang ganda nyang restaurant and I would highly recommend! I love every nook and corner, I love the sweets that we were able to try. The design reminds me a bit of Europe, the photo zones remind me of Korean cafes that are always so extra.

At the highest floor, you'll also get a nice bird's eye-view of Cebu.

We just have to, hehe!

Floor-length mirror for your solo traveler OOTDs.

Can't pick a single spot to eat our gelato and truffled chocos! 😁

Before completely heading for the airport, we had our lunch in Tazza Cafe and Patisserie, another beautiful Cebu-based restaurant. I loved our meals during this trip coz I got to know new people through our conversations. Nakakaaliw sila. We left Cebu not only with heavy tummies, but with heavy hearts. Sepanx is real, as they say!

Not only masarap, but ang ganda din ng food nila!

I don't know how else to end this blog but with a THANK YOU to everyone who made this trip memorable!

As always, no trip ends without pasalubong. Sharing bits of Cebu to my parents--the least I can do when I can't bring them to my adventures. My mom requested the lanzones and naka bili naman ako sa grocery during the bazaar days, haha!

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