Travel Tips During Rainy Season

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

I have had too many rainy travel experiences to complain. From beach to hikes to the city, you name it!

Whenever I see my Accuweather app donning multiple thunderbolts during my travel dates, my only prayer is to spare my flight hours as I don't want a bumpy ride. The rest, I can deal with basta matuloy at hindi macancel ang travel.

Rainy day in Sanrio Puroland:

A rainy Japan trip:

Japan June 2017 with friends, monsoon season!

The best part in traveling during the rainy or off-peak season is that there are LESSER tourists. And of course, this means lesser demand in accommodations, airfares, tours, etc. so prices go down. You can actually save tons of money, and even get dramatic landscape overcast shots with less photo bombers!

Here are some photos of the rainy travels I have had through the years:

Sunway Waterpark in Malaysia: 

Times Square, New York City:

Shinjuku Gyoen Park, Tokyo Japan: 

Jeonju, South Korea:

Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai Thailand:

Kyoto, Japan:

 Philosopher's Walk in Kyoto:

Rainy Japan is also their hydrangea season!

Harry Potter World, Osaka Japan:

Taipei, Taiwan:

Have you ever experienced a downpour during your travels? What do you usually do?
Here are some tips from my personal experience:

1) I don’t pack foldable umbrella with me, but I do bring jacket and a hat. If rain gets bad, that’s when I buy an umbrella in convenience stores! I now have a New York classic black umbrella and a Japan clear umbrella as travel souvenirs.

2) Wear appropriate shoes, like water-resistant sneakers. If you're ok with getting your feet wet, some prefer wearing water-resistant sandals or slippers.

3) Bring water resistant bag—and to be safe, make sure your passport cover is water proof! Mabasa na ang lahat wag lang ang passport! 😂😅

4) Bring towel, handkerchief, or tissue. Wear clothes that wouldn't look wet even when you get wet (quick dry materials, dark tones).

5) If you know that it's going to rain prior your travel dates, make back-up plans in your itinerary. Check out cute cafes, museums, shows, or check out a local movie as alternative indoor activities on rainy days.

Never let rain ruin your trip, it’s the best time to enjoy your hot coffee, ramen, or beer anyway!! ♥️


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