The Korean 7 Skin Method for Plump & Glowing Skin

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Who wouldn’t want clear, glowing, bouncy skin that’s plump with moisture? The kind of radiance that comes from an uber-expensive facial at a five-star salon. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get that look every day? The Korean 7 Skin Method can give you that same look at home… without breaking the bank.

The step by step Korean skin care routine has been all the buzz in recent years, and for good reason! It gives truly amazing results for every skin concern, from acne to anti-aging. But Korean skincare enthusiasts have recently been raving about the uber hydrating 7 Skin Method for adding radiance and plumpness to dehydrated skin, and it’s a fantastic technique everyone should try!

What is the Korean 7 Skin Method?

Basically, the 7 Skin Method involves layering up to seven applications of a toner or essence onto your face after it’s been cleansed? It sounds a little crazy, but the results are worth it! 
This skincare technique allows your skin to drink up more of the toner or essence because you’re applying the next layer of the product onto the skin before the previous one has a chance to evaporate. 
Since you’re adding up to seven layers, your skin is getting a boatload of hydration and beneficial ingredients all at once, leaving you with healthier, radiant, youthful-looking skin.

How to do the Korean 7 Skin Method

You might think that applying seven layers of a product will take a lot of time, but it really doesn’t take that long, and the results are worth it. Be sure to start out with a freshly cleansed face that has been patted dry, but still has some moisture.
Apply each layer of toner with a cotton pad or the pads of your fingers, paying particular attention to any dry areas on your face. Always use upward, outward motions to apply your skincare products. Repeat the process up to seven times (or more if your skin is dehydrated).
That’s really all there is to it. You can play around with the number of layers to see what suits your skin best at different times of the month and with the change of seasons. Some people go through the entire routine every day, but you can do it just once a week, or only for special occasions. Just like any other part of the Korean skincare routine, you should adapt it according to what works best for your skin.

Choosing the Best Korean Toner for the 7 Skin Method

When it comes to selecting the best Korean toner for the 7 Skin Method, there are some key things to look for. Most importantly, avoid any toner that’s harsh or drying and don’t use toners that contain exfoliating acids for this method because they could irritate the skin.
Instead, look for an alcohol-free, hydrating toner that contains soothing and moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, lavender, and beta-glucan. Collagen is great for plumping aging skin, and it leaves it super soft. Avocado and green tea are both soothing and nourishing for most skin types.
If your skin is dull or has acne scarring, look for a toner that contains snail mucin and/or bee venom. These ingredients hydrate, brighten and improve circulation to help scars and dullness fade away. They’re both safe for sensitive skin, and they also stimulate collagen production for anti-aging.

Tips for Success with the 7 Skin Method

1. Choose the Right Product for your Skin
As we’ve already mentioned, you should avoid anything with harsh or drying ingredients. When you’re applying a product in layers, you don’t want to use anything that could irritate your skin. 
You should also think about your skin type. An oil-free toner is better for oily skin because it won’t leave your skin feeling tacky or greasy when you’re done. You can use a heavier product if your skin is dry.

2. Don’t Overdo It
Remember, there’s no hard and fast rule about how many layers to apply. Don’t force yourself to use all seven layers if two or three is enough for your skin.

3. Don’t Rush the Process
While you don’t want to let the product dry completely between layers, you need to allow some time for it to absorb before you move on. If you rush the process, you’ll end up with a thick layer of product sitting on your skin’s surface that doesn’t sink in or do you any good.

4. Be Gentle with Your Application
Since you’re going to be repeating the application several times, gentle application with your fingers or cotton pad is crucial. If you’re too rough, you might cause redness or irritation.

5. Try an Essence Instead of Toner
The best Korean toners work great for this method, but you should experiment with essences too. Essences are unique to Korean skincare and they are packed with skin-loving ingredients, they’re lightweight, and they won’t cause irritation. It’s all about finding the products that your skin loves.

6. Protect the Delicate Eye Area
Although some people use the 7 Skin Method around the eye area, it should be approached with caution because this area is so thin, delicate, and prone to dryness. The best way to approach this area is to apply your eye cream right after you cleanse your face, and then avoid getting to close to your eyes as you do the seven-skin technique.

7. Don’t Forget to Exfoliate
The 7 Skin Method isn’t going to do you much good if the products are sitting on top of a layer of dead skin. Be sure to exfoliate regularly so that all of your skincare products can absorb better.

8. Lock in All That Wonderful Moisture
Your skin is going to be beautifully hydrated and plump after you complete this technique, so don’t let it go to waste. Unless you have incredibly oily skin, lock in all that moisture with a moisturizer or facial oil that’s made for your skin type.

The wonderful thing about a Korean skincare routine is that it’s so customizable and it gives incredible results. Don’t hesitate to play around with different products and layers until you get the results you’re going for. When it comes to the 7 Skin Method, experimenting is part of the fun!

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