My Post Pandemic Plans + Why We Should First Travel Local

Thursday, May 28, 2020

In March of 2020, the whole world was suddenly on a standstill.

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Maybe someday, I will tell this story to my kids. That once upon a time, even the tenacious EDSA was put to rest because of a pandemic. Aircrafts were parked in an almost empty airport runway, and people rely on video calls and group chats to catch-up with loved ones. 

Covid-19 raised a lot of concerns all-over the world, including health and economic risks. Travel and tourism, industries close to my heart for the past years as a travel writer, were badly hurt. 

That's why when all these are over, I want to take part in rebuilding my own country first. As with anything, a little goes a long way. And maybe these small efforts will inspire others too!

Watching the sunset from my hotel room in Iloilo back during the "old normal"
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Never thought I'd ever say this, but miss ko na pati EDSA!
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Here are my personal post-pandemic plans:

1. Support small local businesses. They need us now more than ever. I plan to purchase consumable items from a friend who makes quality personal care products from soaps to shampoo bars to in a way support her store rental and manpower.

2. Continue availing food delivery services. From the local restaurants preparing our food, to our hardworking delivery guys, supporting this industry will be continuous business for them.

And of course, 3. Explore more of Philippines. Which I will write more about on this post!

I've seen a bit of my country for the past years of my travel life, in fact, my wanderlust started with getting to know the beaches, mountains, and even cities just outside of Metro Manila. We don't have to go far to call it a trip. Ever since, traveling to me is not just about riding a plane, but new sights and experiences to soak in.

Missing everything about traveling, even the packing and tedious airport check-in!
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Why Travel Local?

1. Safer and More Affordable 

If you want a quick break from your daily hustle without the need to break the bank, then road trips are the way to go. Riding a bus or pitching in for your friend's gas is definitely much cheaper than airfares.

You can also save a few bucks by following this golden rule amongst budget travelers: Eat where the locals eat. Check the local eateries, markets, and street foods to get an authentic taste of your destination.

2. Buy from Locals

Speaking of going to markets and eateries, you also get to support their source of living by buying souvenirs from small makers, trying local delicacies, and availing services like tours or motorbikes. By making a conscious effort in helping out small businesses, we create a sustainable ecosystem and support the employment of our fellow Filipinos.

Wondering how's the folks of good ol Boracay D'Mall
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3. Country Pride

 Going to other cities outside of your hometown means getting to know a little bit more of our home-- the Philippines. Last year, I found myself traveling with other Southeast Asians for work. They will ask us about our own countries, so it's nice to have personal experiences of local travels that you can share and recommend to people you meet everywhere. I always take pride of the Philippines' having really beautiful beaches from the world-famous Boracay, to Palawan and Siargao.

Start with provinces you haven't been to. Take a 1-2 hour bus to a new destination. You can even re-explore places that you've already visited before, but make sure to take the off-beaten path.

Beautiful sunset, on our way to see fireflies in Puerto Princesa:
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Eco-trail hike to Santelmo, Pico de Loro Batangas
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Having the best time in the middle of Magpupungko Tide Pools in Siargao:
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Here are some of the places on my Philippine travel bucket list:

My Local Travel Bucket List

1. A repeat of my one week in La Union adventure.

2. Road trip to Baguio and go ukay shopping and vegetarian food trip!

3. Enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Batanes that I only see on pictures.

4. Go back to Cebu for the beaches.

5. Revisit my favorite beach: the peaceful shores of Puerto Princesa.

6. Visit the historical spots in Vigan.

7. Savor the beautiful sunset of Boracay.

8. Finally climb and witness the sea of clouds of Mt. Pulag

9. Take lots of photos at the Pink Beach of Zamboanga City

10. Stay longer in Siargao, learn how to surf and try all their famous local restaurants.

Do you have something to add on my list?

Catching a bus in La Union:
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Traveling will definitely be back, but some things won't be the same for sure. Make sure to take all extra precautions to avoid any unwanted incidences, and even with the lockdown lifted, apply everything that we've learned during the past months: Practice social distancing, wear filtered masks, avoid touching the face, bring a bottle of sanitizer and soap in your bag so you can disinfect anytime, and stay healthy by hydrating and drinking vitamins daily.

Again, when this is all over, let's make an effort to support our local tourism first, so our own home can recover too.

Praying for the fast healing of the world so we can travel again. Till then, I hope to see you soon!

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