10 Health Myths Busted!

Monday, July 27, 2020

Growing up, I've believed in certain things just because adults told us so. Later on in life, I found out that there really are things like sleeping with your hair wet or when certain smell of food can cause allergic reactions are all nothing but myths!

In the latest and last episode of Thoughts and Notions Inc. Medical's very informative weekly webinar Xplain, I learned which of these statements are myths. These all came straight from medical doctors, so I was all ears while watching the show!

Sharing here 10 interesting health myths, but you can learn more by watching this episode. Stay informed and stay healthy!

 MYTH 1: If you swallow your chewing gum it will sit in your stomach for a long time.
Not true. Intestines won't stick together when we swallow chewing gum. Digestible parts of the gum will be broken down by the stomach just like the food we eat.

MYTH 2: We should not eat high fats foods
Not all fats are bad. In fact, eating good fats such as those found in fish and nuts are good for the brain and the heart. Fats are important nutrients, and if you are deficient in these you can experience symptoms like mental fatigue, dry skin, dry hair, and some hormonal problems.

MYTH 3: My sibling or my child got infected by my allergies
Allergies are not contagious. But most likely they got the same symptoms as you for getting exposed to the same irritants. It is not contagious, but can be genetic. 

MYTH 4: Inhaler can cause addiction
Inhalers are not addictive.  Use it if you need it, and then if you still do not experience relief, then maybe it's time to consult your doctor.

MYTH 5: People with asthma should avoid sports and other physical activities
Actually, if your asthma is controlled, regular exercise can even improve your lung function. Fitness can even maximize and strengthen the lungs. More so, we do not gain weight easily.

MYTH 6: Snoring is not a problem, it's just a common thing
A local study has shown that snores are four times more likely to become hypertensive. It can also indicate blockage on your upper airways (obstructive sleep apnea). It can be worsen by sedation. If you're a heavy snorer and hypertensive too, make sure to tell your doctor.

MYTH 7: It's okay to get by with 5 hours of sleep, as long as we wake up refreshed
Sleeping 5 hours or less consistently can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and early mortality. It has health risks like loss of libido and low attention span. Try to obtain regular sleep schedule.

MYTH 8 : The older we get, the less sleep we need
This is not true. Our need for sleep remains constant throughout our adulthood. 

MYTH 9: Is it possible if we just "catch up on sleep"
Sleep earlier during the weekend, NOT sleep in. Try to regularize your sleeping habits, it will take its toll on your health in the long run.

MYTH 10: It is bad to sleep with wet hair
This is not true. The only thing negative about this is you will wake up with wet pillows. 😂

Watch and learn more which statements are actually just myths on this video:

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