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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Added something different for this week's Q&A Mondays. Instead of just answering questions, I also asked my audience How are YOU lately? Didn't expect the answers I'll be getting.

Anagon Asks: How are YOU lately?

A1: Feeling a bit sad and tired. Due to work, tired from duty. I miss my parents so much. 😔
A2: Hindi ko na po alam nararamdaman ko lately. 😔

Anagon Replies: Honestly not my best self din the past days. Self esteem where are you? Haha! Been down and insecure and tired nadin, but trying to fight these by talking to empowering friends & listening to manifestations at night.

Let's look at this new week as a sign that things will be better. :)

Sending positive energy to you girls! ✨

Q: Ate any tips po for students like me para mas maging effective ang learning sa online class? 😄
A: Honestly first time ko ata mag online class, etong coursera Korean course. So I'll base it from this experience! :)

Narealize ko na nawawala focus ko pag naka open lahat ng windows ko for social media hahaha isang notif lang ang dali ipause ni teacher hahaha!

I guess one tip is to HELP YOURSELF FOCUS--dapat ang naka open lang yun window for your studies. If hindi phone ang gamit mo for it, ilayo mo yung phone mo hahahaha :)

Lastly, don't cheat on yourself lalo pag quiz! If hindi mahelp but sumilip sa notebook haha i-take note mo na that's a lesson na kailangan mo dapat balikan and intindihin. :) 

Anagon Asks: How are YOU lately?

A1: Quarantined.
A2: Some days are good some days are not 
A3: But still - God is good, fighting!
A4: Missing our house in Manila. Were held up in Panglao since Mar bec of the lockdown
A5: Missing my younger sister who is a doctor on duty in the covid ward of their hosp. :(
A6: Missing my husband. We spent our 1st wed anniv apart bec of covid. Hes an ofw / IT in the US.
A7: Just realized I've been working for 10yrs but still not confident in my work / career 😩
A8: I honestly don't know anymore. Some days okay-ish, some days are just at an all time low.

Anagon Replies: Medyo nakaka teary eyed reading these, will never know your hardships with just likes and comments on my feed so thank you for sharing! Praying for all 23k of you on my feed every night.

But at the same time, it just proves the oneness of humanity--we all get tired, we are not alone in experiencing these. 

Kapit lang tayo friends! Ravan lang a. ❤

I know hindi lahat dito ARMY but just want to share this song. Whenever you're feeling tired, just enter the Magic Shop and hope you will receive healing. ✨

"On days I hate myself, days I want to disappear forever... let's make a door in your heart. Open the door and this place will await. It's ok to believe, the Magic Shop will comfort you."

Q: How have you been surviving quarantine season? 😊
1) Just taking things day-by-day, one step at a time
2) Talking to friends who genuinely care for me
3) Giving myself a few hrs in a day to enjoy things that make me happy (self care)

May time din I lowered my standards on what makes a day "productive". It helped me be a little less hard on myself, and medyo loosen up a bit lang. :)

Anagon Asks: How are YOU lately?

A1: Going home from work unnie 😘 cant wait to see my Army room 💜💜 borahae 💜

Anagon Replies: Ang cute ng ARMY room! Might as well call my crafts table my "Magic Shop"! Hehehe 💜😌✨

Anagon Asks: How are YOU lately?

A1: WFH burnout seems so real 😢 I want to do something else but I don't know where to start

Anagon Replies: Can't say much about looking for diff career path now, but if "something else" means new hobbies or activities.. I encourage this!!! Me time is also "real" haha ❤

1) Try listening to new artists / music

2) Create nightly or weekend activities that you can add to your existing work sched... like crafting every Saturdays or nightly Kdramas etc :) Dati my Ate call herself "The Midnight Baker" hehehe she works 9-5 Mon to Fri but she makes time for her baker side even if this means doing it at 12mn :)

3) Analogue Project - Do something outside technology. Esp since you are always in front of your computer minsan di na relaxing activity. Ideas: Learn how to play instrument like Kalimba, workout / walking (photowalk with film cam?), crafting or journaling

Good luck, rooting for you!!!

Q: How are you unnie? Happy ur doing collabs again. U posted video with moving lyrics, how 😅
A: Bago ko lang nadiscover na Spotify pala may lyrics na (?!) just SWIPE UP screen sa whatever yung pinplay mo na song :)

Tapos screen record ko lang sha.. and nilapat ko sha with my other video sa UNFOLD app - pwede mag video collage! :)

Q: Your quarantine routine po? hehe
A: I usually wake up mga 7 or 9 am depends sa tulog ko, diretso breakfast with coffee

10am: Coursera Korean Language Class time! This will take 30 mins lang unless distracted ako, 1 hr

If may time pa before lunch, I do other simple things pwedeng onti work like answer emails, list to do, etc. date I also pack mga for shipping before lunch coz dating ni kuya courier mga 2-3pm

After lunch ang work mode on na, work meaning either take photos for brand collabs, write blog, video, etc.

4-5pm merienda time! :) dapat done nako by this time sa work or hindi ako makaka workout

6pm - simple workout in my room. Pag weekend, walking around neighborhood

7ish - diretso dinner

Before by 9pm nag rorosary family everyday! Lately nabubusy na din individually so every chance nalang na pwede

10:30 pag everything's settled na like na hugasan ko na pinggan and other chores lol, ready for bed na and RUN BTS time! Or kdrama!

Usually Wed or Sat grocery day ko so di ako masyado nakaka work sa hapon. Then Sunday naman replace Korean class with online mass :) 

Q: Can you recommend top 10 songs from BTS. New army here hahaha #NamJoonBaby
A: Pls click here for my favorites / on loop! :) 

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