Midyear Check-in

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

My 2020, so far: 


Attended two baby showers of my high school friends


Still in Korea, a new virus is spreading all-over the news, the world

First event since I got back in Manila (Wacoal in Laguna)

Attended a wedding with my closest blog friends

Uniqlo Event in SM Aura


Watched Matilda musical play with Cea, last "mass gathering" for me

Aukey, last event with blog friends

Cancelled La Union trip, start of lockdown


Stayed in my room for 14 days after experiencing "symptoms" (fever, diarrhea, headache)

Spent the whole day catching up on Kdramas!

(Finished the following during the 14 days: Itaewon Class, She Was Pretty, Waikiki 2, Skycastle, Chicago Typewriter, My First First Love, The King: Eternal Monarch, Hi Bye Mama!, World of the Married, Mermaid Prince, 2Gether The Series)

Also made progress with my mental health day by day, started making art again

I also co-organized a fund raising for Filipinos with work affected by the lockdown

Made working out a daily habit 


Photobook, kalimba, and other new hobbies! Started to feel comfortable posting again on my socmed

Finally got work projects again


More blogger projects, thank you!  

Concerts at home: BTS Bang Bang Con and ASTRO WWW

First time to go out of the house to help the household with groceries

Weekend walks with sister just around our neighborhood

Webinar Guesting for B2B: Breakfast to Business on the topic Influencing for Good

Midyear Prompts

We are done with half of 2020, and like the other years, it felt as if time just flew by. Only this time, it felt extra fast.

Unlike the past years, it's harder to bring myself to write a midyear review. I felt unproductive and derailed from my goals.

If you're feeling the same way, these 5 questions might help you in your own life assessment. Give it a few hours this weekend or tonight, and answer them honestly. 

In a way, these might help you pick yourself up and go back--maybe not on the same track, but at least start somewhere again as we all tread the unknown road to recovery.

1. Learnings / Realizations

- Things can change in a snap. What are you willing or not willing to put-off with that thought in mind?

- Appreciate everything. The things I'll do to experience these again: Dine outside with friends, attend a full-packed concerts and fan gatherings in a huge stadium, solo travels in new places

- We're in a pandemic, it's okay to adjust your definition of a "productive day". Take it day-by-day, one step at a time. Be self-forgiving

2. Personal Wins

- Pushing through with my 20-day Korea trip early this year

- Newfound appreciation for my digital work

- Having time to work on personal projects, and made working out a part of my lifestyle

3. Setbacks

- I have to reformat my travel blog for now

- Cancelled booked flights and hotels for April and May

- Had to cancel Bloggers United for the first time in 9 years 

4. Changes

- Events are now online

- From travel and adventures, posts are now more centered on home life. How do I make the mundane more interesting?

5. Goals

- Shift my blog theme to home and lifestyle. Update blog more! Will Youtube also work for me?

- Be more financial literate, now is not the time to splurge

- Learn a new language (currently studying Korean language online)

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