UNBOXING: BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ | How To Connect Galaxy Buds+ with iPhone

Sunday, August 02, 2020

I finally bought my own Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition! 

I was stopping myself from making any big purchases, but I was also thinking of these limited edition releases for daysss now. 

Finally, when the earbuds were available again online, I took the plunge! 

Here's an unboxing of my biggest BTS purchase to date. Hoping to get my hands on the phone next!

The packaging is so nice! It has a matte and very luxurious feel to it. The box is also bigger than usual for Samsung earbuds packaging, but it contains a case aside from the actual earbuds. It looks like the box of a phone. They filled the packaging with with lots of BTS references, including BTS purple logo, 7 purple hearts, stars, and the words I believe in your Galaxy.

Here's how the main charging case of the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ looks like. It's in metallic silver, with the logo of Samsung and BTS in front.  

The extra case for the case (lol) is a bit matte. It has the words "I Purple You" inside, and a purple heart on the other side. They are easy to attach with a snap on the bottom part, and sticky tape on the upper part. But a bit harder to remove for bottom part.

Ang ganda sobra! You can also attach a keychain or lanyard on the case. Battery life is also good. I've been using it since I got it last Friday, and haven't charged it since (today's a Sunday).

More BTS details: Purple BTS logo and purple heart on the earbuds itself:

You will also get these matte photo cards with your earbuds, all the BTS members wearing the Galaxy Buds+. I tried to take my photo with same pose but nvm haha!

It's my first time to use a Samsung Galaxy Buds+, and pairing it with my iPhone was a bit of a challenge compared to my other airpods from before. I've tried JBL, RealMe, and Joyroom where you simply open the bluetooth and auto-connect. 

For the Samsung buds, my iPhone did not easily recognize it until I downloaded the Galaxy Buds app--thankfully available for ios users.

How to pair iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy Buds+

1. Must be an iPhone 7 or later unit. 

2. Turn on your bluetooth.

3. Download the Galaxy Buds app. 

4. Wear your earbuds, then navigate the Galaxy Buds app to connect phone and earbuds. 

5. You'll only be doing this once. Later on, I just open and wear my buds, and connect it to my phone via bluetooth.

Galaxy Buds App + Touch Controls

You can still use the app for other Samsung Galaxy Buds+ modifications, including Ambient Sound, Equalizer, Touch Controls, and Find My Earbuds features.

For the touch controls, single tap to pause or play your music, double tap: to skip to next track or answer/end a call. 

Where To Buy BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ in Philippines

I bought mine online via Samsung Philippines' official page in Shopee. You can check if it's the official page as it's the one with the red check next to its shop logo. Samsung Philippines also has a Lazada page and website.

I got my BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for Php 9000+, including the shipping fee. The good thing with Shopee is that it's easy to refund your money in case the item did not arrive or if you're not satisfied with the unit. Thankfully, everything arrived in good condition, and packed well in a brown box and bubble wrap. 

One thing I regret though is that they are also selling this same thing in Weverse with a free BTS edition of Samsung's Wireless Charging Pad (also in violet). But it's so hard for me to shop overseas the past months, so I guess I still got a good deal. Right now the BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ listing in Shopee is already soldout!

Since I always wear my old airpods at home whenever I workout, listen to music as I was the dishes (hehehe), or meditate in the morning via Youtube guide, I've been using my BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ every single day. Love this purchase, and will use it well! 

Borahae, BTS!

Listen to my BTS Playlist here:

Watch my unboxing video here:


  1. nakakatuwa mabasa yung reactions mo.. felt that, naiimagine ko yung reaction nung partner ko pagdating nung order nya. never been a die hard fan of something and i look at everything thats too expensive na napaka oa nito for its function, but after reading this medyo nagiba pananaw ko..anyways god bless

    1. Thank you! Super worth it, and basta hindi araw araw ang splurge hehehe will take all the happiness I can get! <3


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