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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Q: How was your weekend?

A: Thank you for asking! Basically filled with BTS Dynamite, received most stuff from recent online shopping, and practiced with my videos (posted on both my ITGT and Youtube!) kaya nagka migraine ng light hehe. Masaya naman. Naka chill ng onti (mostly thanks to the fun comeback!)

Q: How do you price your products? And how are you just in general how are you? 😅😊

A: This is the toughest thing din as a former full time online seller tagal ko din had to deal with this! :)

Dati (or minsan til now lol) I price super low coz alam ko naman mura yun puhunan or raw materials I used. 

But you also have to consider a lot of things pala:

1. Shipping or your transpo to get the raw materials.

2. Eto super important: Your time, talent, and efforts!!!

3. You packaging / branding

4. Check how stores with similar products price their goods.

and 5. Ask your trusted circle how they will price or how much nila buy your products, just to have gauge ng ideal price ng products mo. Like anong rate siya mabibili.

At the end of the day though, everything's up to you!

Q: You can also learn po kay Cherish Unni sa Youtube and books from Talk To Me In Korean

A: Hello! Have watched her very first video and helpful nga! Haven't seen the next ones but sige I'll watch them next since done nako sa Coursera and wala na class tomorrow. :)

Thank you for the reco!

Q: I purple you! Wala ako matanong for now but have a wonderful week Ana! 💜

A: Thank you! Needed this!!! Have a productive and happy week din mga ka-Bangtan! 😊❤😍

Q: Nothing to ask--just hope we all stay safe and sane Ana! Grabe this year / this country. 😅

A: Thank you Lorainne! Stay safe and stay healthy too!!! I wanna see your tatt pala!!!

Q: Hi po! As an online seller, what will you do if one of your buyers resell the item that you made?

A: I used to make wire accessories for a living, as in as in para akong machine before making and bending wires everyday.

And yes makaka encounter ako ng reselling ng items ko and for me lang a keber nalang as long as paid na sila sa akin. Mas issue sa akin mga nanggagaya hahaha but even doon wala nako magagawa.

Unless may other issues like just using your pictures but di naman sayo bibili items na binebenta nila, etc... Consider your buyer na nag sesell ng items mo as your reseller! O diba bongga, may branches ka na! 😀

Q: Ms. Ana is there a possibility na gawin nyo rin po yung Dynamite challenge sa Tiktok??...

A: Sadly inopen ko lang Tiktok ko as viewer and to follow ASTRO and BTS! 😅😅😅

Kayo ba nag Titiktok nadin??? :)

Q: Ate Ana saan po kayo bumibili ng mga artworks na nilalagay niyo po sa side ng table niyo po?

A: If the postcards, got them from super random shops, mostly souvenir ko sila from my trips! Meron din from local art shops like Common Room. 

If the paintings dito sa likod, most gawa ko or nabili ko before from a lolo street artist my friends and I visited in Manila 2 years ago.

Q: Ano-ano po yung mga items na kino-collect nyo, aside from BT21 / BTS merch? Pasilip po ng collection shelf!

A: Kdrama Merch! :) Clothes, plushies, unofficial and fan-made merch, etc. 

Q: Pwede ka ba iguest sa K-Talks series ko sa Youtube? Heheheheh.

A: G na yan!!! :) DM tayo! ❤

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