Room Update, Part 1

Monday, November 09, 2020

I started cleaning up and decluttering my room again, in preparation for the holidays. Unlike the past years that I just rely on my mom's living room Christmas decors, down to our 1980s plastic tree, I decided that this year I have to make my room a little festive too.

My first agenda: Shake up the shelf arrangement. I removed my Kdrama plushies and travel souvenir clutters, and replaced them with some of my vintage cameras, displayed side-by-side with my small Funko Pop collection. 

I also dusted and rearranged my BTS and ASTRO collections. BTS is now taking up 3 (!!!) layers of my shelf. What started as just a TATA collection, I am now obsessing to get OT7* of everything.

*OT7 is a term in Kpop where you stan** all 7 members of the group.

**Stan is another lol Kpop term which means to ultimately like, or to be in favor of.

Some additional room decors that came in the mail today, and one landed on my shelf and I'm in love with it! A Salvador Dali inspired melting clock in bronze frame drips from one section of one BTS section to another. I'd like to get another one in silver! 

With no batteries included in the package, I kept both hands of the clock at 12, or Zero O'Clock, hehehe. 

To avoid stretching sidewards, and instead grow upwards, I also tied up the branches of my big room plant that I've been sleeping next to for more than half of this pandemic lockdown. I am not sure if this is okay to do, will try to consult my sister later. 

I also got a new plant pot tray for it (finally) to color coordinate the room. I've been using mom's metal Christmas themed tray ever since I got this plant, never even bothered about aesthetics. I wonder how the 'Grammers do it? Keeping the room Insta-ready at all times is hard!

Lastly, but just for this post, I also got myself a green plastic old school telephone decor, which doubles as a coin bank. I got this pre-BTS BE comeback teaser, but now it seems as if I took it straight out of V's homey, retro room!

Still waiting for some other things, will try to make another blog post when they arrive! Hope to see you again by then. :)


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