Room Update Part 2: Christmas Decors

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Happy 12.12! 

I think it was in October when I decided that I have to put up Christmas decors in my room. Basta I want it to be a BT21-ish Christmas because seeing anything BTS makes me happy especially this year.

At this time every single year, I usually just watch mom work on our 80s Christmas tree, and fill the window outside our house with lights. But 2020, as we all know it, is really different. I made extra efforts to at least keep my spirits up. And since I spent almost the whole year in my room (obviously in my IG feed where most of my posts are here), and for sure the fam will celebrate all the coming festivities at home, I have some decorating to do!

With all the free shipping vouchers and discount coupons, sharing some Christmas decors that I got in Shopee that you might want to add to cart today! ❤ 

PS: If you're a first time Shopee user, use 1212ANAGON for Php 200 off! Minimum spend of Php 800.

Here goes!

Purple Christmas Lights -

A touch of BORAHAE to my BT21 themed desk tree:

Curtain Christmas Lights - 

Easier to drape, nice backdrop:

Desk Christmas Tree -

I have no spot for a huge tree for now, and I don't want to spend too much, so this tree is perf! I got it onsale pa at Php 38 only. :)

Small Christmas Balls - 

 (size 3CM is just perfect for the small tree)

BT21 Christmas Socks -

Cute to display, and cute to wear on Christmas and New Year's Eves:

Solar Christmas Lights -

Not mine, but mom's. Got questions where she got this when I posted this on my #igmas so I'm including them here! :)

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